Hysterectomy hang up!


I'm due to have a full hysterectomy in three weeks and, apart from all the other worries, I'm terrified my sex life will take a knocking.

I'm only 30 and have been with my husband for 12 years. We have one of the healthiest sex lives out of all our friends (despite the pain I get, but that's controlled with pain killers) and I'm just so worried all this will change after the op.

Has anyone here had one or knows someone who has had one and can give me some advice? A couple of people I have spoken to about this have very mixed answers. I thought this would be a good place to ask, as everyone here appears to be very confident with their sex lives.

Thanks in advance.

Horny, (can we call you Horny, or would you prefer Mrs Haggis?) what is the exact reason you are having a hysterectomy, and by full do you mean fallopian tubes and ovaries as well?

Our advice would be to think very carefully before subjecting yourself to this proceedure. GP's are only too ready to refer you along the surgical route and gynae surgeons can be a bit blase about it; whipping it out as it were without a second's thought. Do not automatically assume they are always giving you the right advice.

With most conditions there is usually more than one way to treat it, and to say the least a total hysterectomy is a fairly radical approach. The honest answer is nobody really knows how it will affect your sex drive until things have settled down. Certainly by removing the ovaries as well there may be some hormonal considerations, but you also need to be aware of your psychological approach to sex post op, both being afraid that you might lose your sex drive and also your body image having had the proceedure.

Without knowing more details it is impossible for us to comment further, and you may not wish to divulge further information. However, to reiterate, be sure you have all the necessary information to feel happy going ahead with this. If you feel there may be some alternative, less radical approach then investigate it. It is your body, do not feel ordered to do this by people who know better; very often you are just a hospital number and they adopt the easiest (cheapest?) approach.

As a final point, you said you were experiencing pain; with all surgical proceedures the body tries to heal itself and can give rise to something referred to as adhesions, where the body's natural repair tissue has adhered to or tied round other structures; this can also lead to pain, which may require an adhesion release, which again causes more adhesions.

We are not trying to frighten you, but to urge you investigate all avenues of approach before going ahead.

If we can be of any further help - call for Dr.Naughty!!