Ideas for sexy clothes to wear when dominating

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of things I could wear when dominating my OH. She has somethings that she like seeing me in. I will copy the links for the items I have. I will list them in the order I like them as well. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for ones I can buy or something I can put together?

I would also note that I am planning to buy this for myself to wear while dominating my OH.

I like the harness in your last message, as well as this one:

How about a hood? (can work great for some roleplay scenarios)

I like the harness you suggested as well. Seems like it might be better for a sub though, not sure though. Also not sure about the hood it looks like a good idea but I remember my OH she didn’t like the idea of the hoods as didn’t want something round her head. I have never purchased a harness before so I thought that the one I posted might be good to try. Thanks for the ideas

Can't go wrong with a Police Officer outfit.