If you are going out for a maeal with your partner do you choose her their undewear

May seem a bit strange well thats me lol

But do you like to pick your partners underwear to go out in?

Sometimes we do ill look through her knicker draw and decide and same goes for her

Sometimes she likes me to go out with some of my tight silk boxers,other times she will pick my thongs she has bought for me

Or at very kinky times we will swap our underwear... Mmmmmm

Hell sorry for spelling mistakes teaches me not to put my reading glasses on lol

Similar to you jezzer, except it is a dangerous game. Sometimes she will wear what I suggest in a receptive kind of a way, sometimes i'll get slagged off for trying to dictate what she wears. That's women for you though. I'll always wear what she wants if she suggests something, normally I will put something on, ask her opinion and she'll say "nope, don't want the black lycra ones, put ya Daniel Craigs on", or something similar. I'll always oblige with her wishes. That's men for you though.

I'm not really sexist by the way, just promoting healthy debate.

Underwear - I don't wear any if I'm out with my o/h!

Think sometimes it is nice to see what the other is wearing as it gets you thinking all night! Other times its nice not to let each other know and sepnd the night wondering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Either way its fun!

Yep i agree with that K1mmie

Its also nice when she flashes a bit under the table or where ever

This is interesting... may have to try this and get Mr Elcano to choose something next time we're out in a group for dinner or drinks

Not for me I'm afraid. . . .she will give me a flash during the night though.

Yes I am afraid to be telling my OH what knickers to put on! LOL

SG69 x

No I chose what I wear, and then may give hubby a sneak peak or hint as to what I am wearing. Normally "warms" him up nicely.

I occasionally pick what the OH wears and he has recently helped me buy a load of new, sexy, matching undies so I usually ask what he thinks I should wear....the key word being ask really. Although I ALWAYS ask him as he has such better taste than I do and knows what suits my body well....and it gives him sexy thoughts while we're out!


Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

Oh, but there was a lost bra when we stayed at his uncles one time! We went back a week later to look for it in the spare bedroom and couldn't find it at all! Ended in a very embarrasing conversation with his uncle who had found it and kept it in his cupboard in the living room! And I had to ask very red-faced if I could please have it back.

Hehe love it! Elcano and I ended up taking lube to a friend's when we were stopping over on their sofa bed for the night. There was a slight panic then next day when we couldn't find it and had visions of them finding it after we'd gone Luckily we spotted it in time before they came down in the morning!

I've only picked his on the odd occasion, but am def going to make more of it now!! Columbus we had the same situation but my parents found our lube! And I've since found my brothers too!


hehe - keeping it in the family