introducing anal play for the guy?

Hi all, I have a wonderful gf and we have great fun. She likes anal herself, but I am very interested in trying anal play myself even trying a strap on however I'm not sure on how I should approach this or ask her? I don't want her to run away, or question my sexuality.

Any tips advice, ways I can ask?

Understand your fears, and this is a question asked reasonably frequently, have a quick squizz through the search box for older threads and you might find something useful...

Thanks for the tip, I'll have a look. Any new comments from people would be good too, 2 way conversations can help :)

I've had no luck searching forums for the same question I'm asking. I'd appreciate any advice thanks

Honestly more women seem to be accepting of men wanting anal play than men. You're in an open and loving relationship? Just ask her if while he's sucking you will she tickle your bum? Start small and slowly build as you're both comfortable. What kind of anal play do you give her if you don't mind me asking?

I will give her anal sex, and I do like to rim her too which always makes her moan. She'd never ask for it because she is shy to ask, but she enjoys it. Makes me feel amazing knowing she's been pleasured, is there more that can be done?

I guess I'm a bit shy to ask the first time not knowing what her response may be,vor thoughts she may think and not say

while she is going down on you, start playing with yourself there and see if she picks up on that and starts doing it to you aswell

I think she'll be open minded if you do it to her, some people don't like rimming because of cleanliness but you could ask her to hold a bullet vibe there while she's going down on you.

Just go for it, we have a very open relationship and if I want something I ask, if he says no it's fine, it makes him more confident asking for stuff, and anything he mentions I indulge which brings him out his shell, he used to be shy too

Thanks we have just been talking with her more about generally try things together and she says she'd like to try anything with me. Just don't want to scare her to quick haha maybe guiding her hand with a toy in there is a good way to start :) hope she doesn't find the idea a turn off though

If she says anything she's up for it, we don't say everything if we don't mean it, I'm not saying ask her to tie you down wear a leather cat suit and peg you with a giant dildo but I honestly think she'll be open to it

Ok thanks very much, you've been a great help :)

Happy to help :)