Is anyone else still not used to the UI?

So I’ve been on the forum for long enough now that I’ve seen the GUI (graphical user interface) of the site change from the prior system to our current one…

Whilst I do find it a very simple and easy system, part of me just found the older interface so much more organic to use. I’ve definitely used the site less since the update…

Am I alone in this and showing a mixture of nostalgia and resistance to change - or do any of the older users feel the same?

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Do you mean the old broken one from pre-July 2020? Personally, I can’t say I’ve missed it. :slight_smile:

Though looking at your joined date, you may mean something else. :thinking: Which bit do you mean?

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Dear Lord, if you mean the pre switch over forum (June 2020ish) then absolutely not. I hugely prefer this one!

The search function works, conversations are so much easier to follow and there are way more formatting options than there used to be (I might be alone in loving this last bit!)

I do miss the old shopping site that let us have all our reviews linked to our profile and read and see new reviews or ones from certain forum members though. I miss that a lot.

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Shame we couldn’t have the best of both worlds!
As an older person i find computer technology and apps frustrating. For every improvement there’s a loss of a useful or enjoyable feature, well that’s how it seems to me.
Like you mentioned, if you respected and trusted the reviews of certain members, you could see what they recommended, that feature went in 2020, pity it couldn’t have been incorporated into the new one.
So while i am used to the interface by now, i miss some of the old features.


I am used to it because the interface is like so many other forums I use.

Think for me I just get on and embrace the new updates of things

I had an account a long while ago and oh no no no no, not that one!

There was a small change in the GUI about a year ago I thought? The main changes were how you accessed new threads, latest threads and individual topics.

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Certainly when all profiles and pictures were wiped clean in an ‘upgrade’ and various users were allowed to randomly edit and delete posts (rather than LH) I thought (and still think) it was a mistake on LH’s part. Seems to have been an ‘upgrade’ not thought through or tested properly.
Not sure what part of the ‘old one’ Chimp thinks was broken

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Ah, do you mean when the menu from the hamburger menu changed? I remember there being complaints or initial problems with it or something like that at the time but it didn’t bother me as I never use that menu. I just use the drop down from my profile for stuff and the main site homepage sorted by “latest”. I think it became apparent at the time how very differently, different members navigate the forum.

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Not sure if that was a question, but here’s a couple of examples:

There was also the memorable time when all the posts on the threads were jumbled up out of order. That one was eventually fixed but it made for tough reading for a quite a bit of time. :slight_smile:

I think the Search was also borked if I remember rightly.

That said, I think this topic is about something else so may not be relevant. :slight_smile:


You know what, I think this is what I am referring to.

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It certainly wasn’t a ‘question’ that required such an irrelevant longwinded, verbose answer.

Out of curiosity @Lexifer, what was it about the previous navigation menu that you preferred/what do you miss the most?

Personally, I find the menu options on the storefront side of the site and the search function for a particular product far worse than it ever used to be.
I also note since the ‘upgrade’ previous users of the forum all joined on Jul 29, 2020.

Yes, the old forum ceased to be, so no matter how long you’d been a member previously, your membership reset on the day the new forum came into being.

It’s how accessible and obvious things were. The formatting on my phone isn’t great so tapping the “new” button is a pain as it needs to be the words not the banner.

Overall I can’t honestly remember the differences, only that I have trouble clicking on things in the new one that I didn’t before

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There are a few user preferences that might make a difference if you fancy trying them out?

There’s a couple on your Preferences/Navigation Menu page:

And those will add the counts next to the categories in the navigation menu, as well as give you a filtered list of new ones in each when you click on one:

You can also change your default homepage to New from your Preferences/Interface page if that could work?

If you’re feeling really fancy, you can create a custom section of the navigation menu just for you using the little plus sign at the bottom and fill it with things you’d find useful:

Not sure if those will fit the bill, but might be worth a try?


Oh my word, you legend!

These are exactly the kind of settings I was missing! Thank you!