Is it recommended to review products I return

Hi, I tend to buy allot of toys and clothing etc but for the usual reason sometimes have to return them as unsuitable or do not fit.

My question is do I still review them? This may sound dumb but for example I may love a dress but it us simply not suited to my shape.

Alternatively, in the case of a bed restraint I purchased from LH, it didnt keep me restrained at all and I returned it. I suppose it would still make a good review, just not for me.

Grateful for any advice/clarification. Thank you x

Feel free! Personally I'm more likely to trust a 5* review from someone who has a good mixture of good/bad reviews, than of someone who rates everything 5/5

Thats a good shout, thanks

Yes. Not every garment is going to fit or suit every body shape out there and negative reviews that are constructive with the feedback are useful to potential shoppers as well as the makers. Negative or positive reviews with nothing to say why or how to improve aren't really that helpful.

I review items that I've returned. It's handy for others to read the reasons items are returned as it may be something that they hadn't considered. For example, I've returned plus size lingerie as it was too small in a certain area, the bust usually. Consequently larger busted ladies would probably steer clear of it.

All reviews are helpful whether you keep an item or not xx

Absolutely! You can be polite and constructive, but if something doesn’t fit or doesn’t suit your anatomy I personally would like to know as it may help me in my decision as to whether or not to purchase. I don’t find it’s as much fun as writing a nice review but I do try to write them all up so they help other people.

Definitely feel free to review them if you have the time :)

I would recommend reviewing returned items. That would be really helpful. I have a few items I'm not fond of, but I really don't know what to say rather than "Meh. This just isn't for me." (which obviously, isn't a helpful review).

If you are able to write about your reasonings for returning things, I would read them before I considered purchasing.

Thanks for all the comments, particuarly Teri JJ and Sexy Babe, and it would seem the answer is YES. So from now on I rwill view everything but as some have said, it is not an enjoyable and more difficult writing a constructive review if you dont like it for whatever reason. x

I would say yes, reviews, especially on size are incredibly helpful.

I always do because I like to see the pros and cons before buying anything so without the low star reviews it's not always a well rounded description of the product 🙂

I find it immensely helpful to know if someone has had any issues with a product, depending on what it is I can then assess whether it is likely to also be a problem for me if I were to buy it.

Hey emanem 

Sure! In fact, we LOVE lingerie reviews which mention sizing (they're FAR more usful than any review which doesn't mention fit).

Please do feel free to review an item - partiularly if you did an exchange and found your replacement size to be much better. Let us know what size you are, what size you bought, and of course the things that did and didn't work for you. It's also really helpful to know, even if it didn't work for you, who you think an item would work for. Eg: This didn't fit me well but would work for someone with big boobs/long legs etc etc. 

This sorta stuff is sooo helpful for customers, and us!