Is this a normal thing?

Just overheard my female housemate masturbating very loudly (I didn't have my ear to the wall, it was impossible not to notice).

Heard people have sex before but not this. Would it embarrass you if someone heard you having some me-time?

No such thing as normal when it comes to sex and masturbation. Having said that, she probably doesn’t realise how loud she is. I wouldn’t really be embarrassed but I would feel a bit uncomfortable!

If someone felt the need to mention they had heard me I wouldn't be embarrassed, maybe uncomfortable as NatandTom say but I would probably be apologetic as I assume it has caused them a problem if they need to mention it.

Your housemate won't be embarrassed if they don't know you heard them or is there a reason you feel you need to make them aware?

I don't think I'd be too embarrassed. As far as I'm aware no one has ever overheard me or if they have then they haven't said so !

Maybe she wants you to hear? Just throwing it out there, a spark between you maybe?

Maybe you should have some self masturbation yourself and make sure your housemate can also hear you when you do it. See if they get embarrassed by what you've done or if they enjoy hearing you do it too. Did you enjoy hearing them? If you did then enjoy the good times.

I was thinking the same as Cutecountrygirl, if she was being particularly noisy and knew you were in the building maybe she wanted you to hear? Or maybe she didn't realise you were home? Or maybe she just didn't care either way if someone heard her? Maybe the thought/chance of being overheard turns her on?

Many possibilities.

But no reason to confront her about it unless it's a major issue/problem for you. Act normal otherwise. If she's after a certain reaction from you I'm sure something else will present itself in the near future.

At the end of the day just a girl enjoying herself, nothing abnormal or wrong about it.

I'm sure loads of people have heard me ! I'm very loud whether playing on my own or with a partner. It definitely dosen't embarrass me.....not much does to be honest xx

I'm not always silent when I masturbate, but I'd be more careful if I had flatmates. I'm sure the neighbours downstairs have heard the sex machine though 😂😝

Sometimes hearing myself moaning with pleasure helps and there could be the possibility that she didn’t realise anyone else was home or she could maybe have been making a video to send to someone so a bit or audio was definitely needed... hey at least she was enjoying herself ;)

Speaking for myself, I'm louder when I play solo and although I'm not necessarily very quiet when having sex with a partner, I think when it's just me I tend to be more carried away and lost in my sensations and pleasures, so hence the nopise! Years ago I used to share the house with a girl and she was so loud when having sex with her man and I was pregnant at the time and that really made me feel uncorfotable. That was because I had to get up often to go to the loo and after had problem falling sleeping again because of the noise, so I mentioned in a nice way and she started to be a bit more discreet.

I reckon that perhaps Cutecountrygirl has a point: maybe she wanted you to hear or maybe the fact she assumed you could her, turned her on even more. Maybe you should go and do the same and see how she reacts.