Is this a sign that romance is dead.

Yesterday I had on my brand new LH Boxers.
They are so soft and very comfortable to wear.
Today my OH commented on them and I quote
“ they are abit sheer’ don’t get knocked over in them? This is not the reaction I was hoping for.

Hi Dickiebird, i wouldn't say that the romance is dead. This is exactly the way me and the wife talk to each other. We like to make a little joke and keep things light hearted. We love each other and the passion is still very much there.

I gained a little weight whilst on holiday and i got nicknamed Shamu (after the whale) so i got my own back by making whale noises during sex. I felt like the winner as we couldn't stop laughing.

I think there is an old thread somewhere of which from some of the comments I came to the conclusion that not all women found guys underwear attractive or sexy. Your lady could just be one of these.

I just dont think guys undies have the same wow factor as ladies lingerie and I think the maket is indicative of this. There is however more choice now for blokes but it is a slow burner .

I don't find mens underwear sexy at all, luckily the BF isn't into it either. You should probably talk to her though as it seems she has hurt your feelings and I doubt that was her intention.

Mrs Pheebs does on occasion but she often prefers nothing on me.