Issues After Having A Vasectomy

My partner had a Vasectomy nearly 4 months ago, he was unfortunate to have some problems which resulted in him being hospitalized.

He said he feels an awful lot of pain when getting hard and now its it hard to get hard, Is this normal for the first few times and pain subsides?

Any help or advise would be great as the doctors are useless.

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I never had a issue like this would definitely advise him to seak medical advice. I did have a infection after but it didnt cause me any pain just discomfort.
Hope he gets it sorted sounds painfull

I am well aware that vasectomies can unfortunately result in some issues. Whilst 90% of them (don’t quote me on stats) are successful without problems, there are quite a few that result in either post op swelling, post op pain, or they simply don’t work!

My partner was sadly part of that 10% and had extreme pain post op due to swelling and what I would call “a Friday afternoon job”. Needless to say he went to his GP who sent him back to the hospital to speak to the consultants.
After several visits he eventually got the help he needed and these days (touch wood - no pun intended) all is well.

I would suggest ringing your GP, contacting the consultant who carried out the procedure and trying to get him as much advise and help as possible.
This isn’t normal, no - especially not four months post op.


There was no issues when my husband had it done. Week or so discomfort/ restrictions but then pretty much back to normal.

Certainly no pain / erecting pain or issues.

Would suggest you speak to your doctor / medical advice for peace of mind and also check everything is ok.

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The only issue I had was that I was far more sensitive/delicate than I was expecting. No constant pain, but I didn’t like being touched or sudden movements. Not sure where he had it done, but mine was through the NHS. I was given a help line straight to a nurse which I used a couple of times. They were helpful and reassuring. I would give them a call if it’s an option.

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So sorry to hear that he / you have had issues after the op ! No advice to provide you as when I had mine it was ok no problems soo sorry hope it gets back to normal

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This don’t sound like it should be happening as the procedure isn’t meant to leave him with long term discomfort… I’d look at getting some medical advice on this from a nurse if easier to get an appointment with

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Time for some doctor intervention

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I have been through pain after vasectomy it is horrible and lasted for years so I feel for you

I honestly had no issues what so ever.
This has to be investigated by the doctor.
There should be no need so suffer any discomfort or anxiety from erection issues.

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I had a vasectomy in August 2021, ever since then I have a constant numb/ache in one of the knackers, when I ejaculate either solo or with the wife, I have a pain as soon as eruption happens. Around a 6/7 out of 10.

Had an ultrasound which showed nothing wrong, had various visits to the doctors who again, can’t find anything.

Doctor is talking about maybe the pain will go if vasectomy is reversed!

I have mentioned the reason behind my vasectomy. And if a reversal is going to fix the problem then ok. But I’m not going through a lot of trouble for nothing.

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I had no issues other than soreness for a few weeks and a sperm granuloma forming in my scrotum, to which my doctor said, “you’ll just need to get used to that being there.”

That being said, I do have a friend who got snipped and was one of those cases with long term pain and other issues. He is of the very strong opinion that many medical professionals do not go over the potential risks well enough, at least here in the states. I hope your partner is able to get some treatment and recover.

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Hes not said he had any injection post vasectomy.

I agree, we contacted them but they don’t want to know, we kind of going in loops.

Hes in alot of pain, he was due for the post test but due to the issues we had not been able to clear the bank! LOL

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Oh no that’s not good

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Poor chap hope it is not long term pain like I have had.

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