Jitter Bug

Hello All,

Just a quick question, when I watch my OH masturbate, with or without toys, I shake like crazy with anticipation/adrenalin coz I find it such a turn on her showing me how she likes to get herself off . It is an awesome feeling but it is totally uncontrollable. Is this something that happens to anybody else or do you know of people that have the same thing.

PS. I'm looking forward to the next time ;- )


I used to get that feeling having really intense debates online about morality and theology. God i'm an odd creature.

The whole body shaking is also a common thing reported amoung those who have explored prostate orgasms. The times i've been closest I rattled like mad.

Dunca1348 wrote:

I think it just adrenalin kicking in, to get you ready for the act as it were.

I get that before rugby games or before fights. I always loved the feeling getting so pumped up, in fact I would say it is the best non sexual feeling I ever get!

Its not the same as this though, I play rugga and also fight myself so know what this is like. The whole watching thing is much more intense, 10 fold at least. Its not like what my OH is doing is new either, we have been together for 7 years, but everytime without fail, shake city....

I guess it is a massive turn on! Not sure i would shake etc!

Sounds pretty normal :)

We looked after a lovely dog who shook like crazy just waiting by the door when she knew you were about to take her out for a walk. Literally shook with the excitment and anticipation. I guess it's a similar response!

Enjoy it!