Ladies with toys, when is toy time?

My boyfriend really likes to see me using a toy and we do this but most of the time, due to schedules etc I use my vibrators and dildos alone. I actually really prefer using them alone also as I think I get into them more than if he is watching me. What is your preference?

I have certain toys i prefer to use alone. As like you said i can get into them more.
I tend to do this through the day when he is at work.
I do have a couple of toys that i love my OH to use on me and i know thay really turns him on which gets me going

I have certain toys that I hold back just for me time and my partner never sees those in use. I also find it easier to enjoy my time with a toy if Iā€™m not being watched as I then feel pressure to get off and look good whilst doing it.

Perhaps getting him to use a toy on you instead of him watching you use one on yourself would be better for you?

Sometimes we just need our own time.. to just relax. And there is nothing wrong with that. It complete depends on what mood I am in.. I may well fancy using a certain toy and he might be at work so why not . Another time I might be so lazy and want him to use the toys on me. It all depends šŸ˜‰

I dont have a set 'toy time' but my guy is always involved even if hes not here. But its perfectly fine to hold some faves back for a bit of special alone time!

For me it's either home alone toy time or OH toy time I don't mind at all. But can never resist a new toy. Love trying new things. I have much high sex drive than my OH but even he can't resist a shiny new toy.

Hey LilMissRachel

I have a few toys I prefer to use during 'me time' but most of our toys toys we share. Often with new toys I like to get to know them on my own first as I relax more and can experiment with how I like them used on me. Mr Spider is the same, he has a few items he would rather use alone. I'm an early bird and he's a night owl - so both of us are often alone in bed so get alone time then - neither of us are secrative about it - we both know what the other is likey to be doing....for instance he will often be in bed with porn on during the morning whilst I'm up and about - doing my stuff (avid crafter) and I'll go to bed quite early in the evening knowing full well he won't be up for hours. The other times I'll go back to bed later in the morning, or he will come up early at night - it really does depend on how we feel. xx

We use toys together and play in front of each other but most of my toy use and masturbating I do alone. I like to have a wank most days at some point, usually just after work or in the shower when he is not around.

I've only ever used my toys solo but I think I would defo consider getting them out with a partner in future. If so I would want them to use the toys on me rather than watching me use them I think.

I use all my toys solo. My husband, who is a lovely and wonderful guy and whoI love very much, is not into toys at all. He knows I've toys, masturbate, write reviews, etc, but for a personal reason which he hasn't shared with me yet, he stays clear. So we respect each other and I've lots of fun going solo with my puppies. In my opinions he's missing out, but I've got to respect his timing.

I enjoy some "me time" in the afternoons with my toys, I usually mix it up as to which one I use or more than one sometimes, but they are all ready to go again when OH comes home and wants to play. He either uses them on me or he watches me with them and "helps" ! We have a lot of fun