I'm interested to know if any of the female members here are attracted to the idea of ladyboys (transexuals)? If you're one of the many bi/bi-curious women members, would a guy who just happened to look like a beautiful woman turn you on?

Here's a sample :-)

I'd never really thought about the subject until I got involved by accident once. I thought I'd met two gorgeous women, but back at the hotel room I discovered one had a bit extra on offer! I was surprised at first, and then very, very turned on. It was one of the horniest nights of my life!

So, have you ever entertained any fantasies? Or got any experience? Confess!


He really does look incredibly beautiful, but I am straight so would find it very difficult to feel sexually attracted towards him.

Doesn't do it for me. The whole point of going with with a bloke is that he's a bloke. I don't fancy fumbling around under a skirt to find the goods. It all makes me feel a bit icky too be honest.

Yyyyyeah... I like my men manly. I would love to experiment with a girl, but I'd quite like her to have girl bits that I could play with!

Wayhey - I've hit a real vein of popular interest with this topic! :-)

It's interesting reading the comments - obviously a combination of the two sexes isn't as intriguing to women as it is to men. I hear it's really cool to have a transexual "girlfriend" in Italy at the moment. The height of fashion!

Interestingly I find transexuals a turn on (pretty ones only) but have no interest whatsoever in transvestites. Hairy guys in tights and skirts is really icky! But I have heard some women say they're hot...

I think i would be interested, after seeing the ones on that website. They look really pretty :) I agree with you BBG, hairy guys in tights and skirts are NOT a turn on!

I have a friend who's a tranny and some of the clubs I've been to with him make me howl with laughter. You see everything from the beautiful ladyboy types on your site to Bob the Builder in his granny's frock with a badly fitting nylon wig. The one thing that gets right up my nose though is the way they call each other she or her or describe themselves as girls. I can't get my head around it at all. My friend *Tom* likes to be called *Marcia* on a Wednesday and Saturday but my brain just doesn't seem to compute this and he goes mad when I call him Tom when he's 'dressed'! Wierd or what?

I do have one exception though... there is this FABULOUS tranny (not sure if she's now a she, or just a really pretty he, or a ladyboy) at the gay club we go to. I am OBSESSED with her. She is amazing. I would totally go there, should she deign to cast a glance my way - penis or no penis.

Oooh! Have you ever tried chatting her up? :-)

No, I'm far too scared to go near her. She has a harem of gays around her at all times, and being the Straighty McStraight Girl that I am, the gays do not look kindly upon me invading their turf - never mind their trannies!

Also, even my gay friends are unaware of my perversions :) They get a bit horrified when I perve on the hot lesbians, not sure they'd handle me chatting up a ladyboy too well!

Starighty McStraight - LOL. Yeah, I totally believe you...

How about you tell one of her gay bodyguard that you're not interested in chatting her up, but you'd just like to talk out of general interest - ask if he thinks she'd be willing to chat with you. Who knows - might work, might not. And you might get an intro to more of the same. You could use the line that you're staright but researching the scene for an adult website. Then come back here and report! :-)

Lol, well I AM straight! I'm not even really bi, I'm just curious. I think it's a bit rude to be pulling in a gay club when I'm not gay - not to mention a bit teasing!

And I dunno if I'd get away with the "research" line... the Dublin gay scene is teeny-tiny, I'd get a bad rep! But perhaps I will try and talk to her next time I'm out with them... you've inspired me, BBG :)

I find that all the most interesting people are bi-curious - maybe it has something to do with being open minded. :-)

Most definitely!

@BBG are you saying people can't be interesting nor open-minded without being bi-curious? I think that's an unfair assumption. I've got a friend who goes line-dancing and personally, I'd rather eat my own liver than do that but she's great fun, more open minded than most and definitely interesting.

Different strokes for different folks!

@ Truly

No, not in the slightest. My comment wasn't negative toward anyone else or in any way a put-down. I simply meant that for me personally (I said "I find.." remember) bi-curious people are more interesting. But I would say that, because I'm also bi-curious. If I was a train spotter I'd find train spotters more interesting. The context of my comment was also that I was being mildly flirtatious with shellyboo and trying to be encouraging about the person she fancied.

If it came across as judgemental it wasn't intended to so I regreat that. I'm not a judgemental person. I've met some incredibly open minded and totally fascinating heterosexual people. Gay ones too. And I've also met some completely closed minded hetero and gay people too. Anyone has the potential to be both fascinating and as open minded as they please, regardless of their tastes or preferances. It's just that for me, I particularly enjoy the company of other bi-curious people. And of course I greatly enjoy the company of many who are not.

No problem and good luck with Shellyboo! ;)

I'm in Bath next week visiting some friends (not line-dancers!), is that where you live or just a preference? :)

Also what is the definition of bi-curious? I would love to have a cock for a day or so and see what that feels like. Does that make me bi-curious?

I was born there Truly :-)

Definition of bi-curious? I don't know if there is one really, beyond it indicating someone who is curious to know what it might be like to experience physical closeness to someone of the same sex. It might be a strong desire or just a passing daydream. And the desire could involve anything from just touching out of curiosity to trying something far more raunchy.

I read somewhere in a psychology book that the vast majority of people - at some time in their lives - either dream or think about sex with a person of the same gender. Many dismiss or repress it, some go with the flow and find out. As you said, each to their own. It'd be interesting to have a poll here one day, to find out how many members had ever wondered...

When I first had a dream like that I was about 10 and I shut it out as being "weird" because it wasn't something I understood or knew anything about. After a while I came to enjoy such thoughts as I came to realise it wasn't wrong, just different.

I occasionally wonder what it would be like to have a pussy! I have no idea what that makes us though. LOL