Large plug problem

I’ve recently been using a just over 8 inch circumference plug whilst masturbating . I warm up with a girthy dildo of around 6-7 inches. Everything is fine and it slides in very easily. When using the plug- I have to slightly force it in . There is no pain and it feels great . The problem is that I see blood when plug is removed. Again no pain . As most of you know I don’t get much alone time so a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon is my fun time. I would love to go even bigger as I like how it feels. Should I be doing this more often? Is once a week not enough to keep my muscles relaxed ? I would be fine for pegging ( if only ) but how do I go to the next level? Sorry to be a pain xxxx

What colour is the blood? Bright red or much darker?

That’s more important to solve than going to the next level…

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Bright red

Ok, then it’s either haemorrhoids or a small tear from the toy. You need to wait for that to clear up first I think.

I would suggest looking for a toy between the dildo and the plug. Forcing it in isn’t great (even if it doesn’t hurt) and may be what’s caused the bleeding. Once you can take the new toy easily, you can go back to the plug you have.

I don’t think only being able to do it once a week should be a problem. But it may make your progress feel slower. Once you start getting past a certain size, you really can’t rush these things. Take it slow and enjoy the journey.


I was wondering whether the size jump was too big ? I’m unsure whether plugs are better or dildoes ?

Yes I think the size jump may be a little too much.

I don’t think it really matters whether it is a plug or a dildo, whatever you feel most comfortable with and that fits yours needs size wise

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Do you think in time I could use a bigger plug/ dildo ?

I would have thought so, just need a little patience and to work up gradually

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Thank you xx

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How much blood you talking about? Does it stop soon enough or does it end up in your stool when you use the toilet next.
Sounds like you have already got done great advice. I used to be on some large toys, but got worried with a few small amounts of blood and worried about permanent damage to my self.
It was not much work getting up in size, but it was a much slower process to get the big big toys a go and easy a 2 hour job to have a good session.

@woodstock2 be careful! at a certain point with the anus you won’t feel pain so don’t rely on pain as an indicator. blood is definitely a big sign saying HOLD UP.

I would say definitely don’t go up in size yet and maybe warm up more before you get to the plug?

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Never force a toy in, blood is a good indicator you are going a bit to fast. One time a week is enough to keep your muscles relax but when you try to get a new size to in you can better not force it, it would be better to play like tree times a week. When you go the next step up trie to find a toy that is slightly bigger like a quarter of an inch bigger in diameter.
The journey to the new size is just a fun when you can fully insert the toy. If you go slow you will be able to insert 3 inch diameter toys with a single drop of blood before you know it :wink:

Ordered doc Jonson bombshell realistic dildo today . Just over 7.5 “ circumference. If I wear it for a while a few days a week I think it will be a help