Late delivery

Hey everyone! Happy Friday!

So I had a packaged dispatched yesterday with 24 hour tracking which was supposed to be delivered today. Obviously, it hasn't and I've had no notifications. Has anyone had this problem before? Could it be weather related? (we've had quite a bit of rain my way) x

I'd say weather related. We've got really heavy snow here! It took one of our worklads 4 hours for a 20 minute drive. And majority of schools are closed too x

Wow! Okay. Good to know it's not just me.x

Definitely not you. Its a 5 min drive to my sons school and took over 40 mins this morning, I'm actually planning on walking the 25 min uphill walk in this snow with baby in pram rather than trying to drive, that's how bad it is! X

God. That's so rough! Good luck!x

There is still time for delivery - I've had next day deliveries turn up at 5pm. Do you have a tracking number to check status online?

I have. Normally the local delivery office sends out an email in the early hours of the morning and the package is ALWAYS delivered by 12. I mean, I guess this could be the first time but it doesn't look like the package is even at my local post office.

If it states it's on its way to your local post office, then it could still reach you anytime before 6pm. I didn't get an email for one the other day but it still arrived, just a little later than normal :)

There has been the odd time where Royal Mail haven't updated the status of where the parcel
Is and got home and the parcel has been delivered.

hi Bex1213 

I am sorry this has not yet arrived , I can see the order has been dispatched 

I have popped you an email ![yes|20x20](upload://lJMrTcqgi5lI1FOpb07OYOcv2YF.gif "yes")

Thanks guys!

And thanks Leanne. I've just seen the email.x

Have you got your parcel yet? I had one delivered today and i didn't get the e-mail from Royal Mail that the parcel is ready for delivery till i actually had the parcel.