Left incoherent!

My new purple Doxy arrived on Friday morning and it's fair to say it has been a pretty intense weekend! Thank you for the recommendation Terri JJ Friday night and Saturday morning left me with some delicious orgasms, although I can't cum as quickly as some of you can with it, they are a lot more intense!

On Saturday night my fella used the over the door restraints (becoming my favourite) and gave me my first orgasm of the night, I literally went light headed as I came so hard and he had to carry me to the bed despite it being only a few feet away. He then made me cum again with it and I was left incoherent, I had a bit to drink but I was really slurry when trying to describe the feelings! For ages after it felt almost like the Doxy was still there and there was a current pulsing through me (as you would expect with an orgasm) but it was as though some fingers were still repeatedly trailing over my clitoris for a good 10mins!

Has anyone else experienced this with such a powerful toy? Was the lightheaded feeling likely to be because of the powerful orgasm or my arms being above my head for a while?

How's your blood pressure on a normal day?

Perfectly normal!

Sounds to me like you could have been hyperventilating. I've done that too in the throws of passion. Could have been a combination of both. Weirdly good feeling.

Glad you enjoyed your new toy so much x

I have actually passed out a handful of times I've orgasmed so hard !.......probably because I forget to breathe lol

I'm glad you love the doxy as much as I love mine xx

Yeah. That's the doxy effect ;)

when im finished I feel the blood rush back up to my head and feel like I'm gonna pass out.

And youre yet to try the attachments...!!

Definitely! He loved it as did I! Roll on my ovulation time when I'm even more horny!

I have only ever dreamt of feeling this way - bit of a fantasy for me! Would love to have the same experience you did. I've definitely felt exhausted after sex but mainly due to actual exhaustion before we started - tends to be late at night. Can't say any toy has ever made me feel like that yet but we are up for trying a lot of new things in the future.

The lightheadedness was probably a combination of everything, I wouldn't know what an orgasm that powerful feels like but I can certainly tell you they can make you feel very lightheaded and incoherent if powerful enough.

We recently purchased the lovehoney wand. Neither me nor my husband had used anything like it. We also have the Hummer attachment and my perfectly audible husband suddenly couldn't speak after we used it. He gibbered and he slurred, then laughed a lot. I nearly wet myself laughing but then of course I was similar. Thought it was a fluke but nope, everytime. I'm quite glad we went for lower power or we may have developed Foreign Accent Syndrome!