Let's talk hair removal

I have ordered some today, and is arriving tomorrow, so will give it a go on my intimate areas, will let you know if it works


I’m relatively new to the world of hair removal! Let me explain, I had a minor accident which resulted in some major bruising on my leg, of which I posted a photo. The girls i know gave me a hard time and said that I was not to post any more leg photos until I’d shaved.

So, long story short - Veet, meet: legs - crack, sack and shaft - stomach - lower back - pits - scrape & shower and bald as Kojak! My chest is hairless, so there was no need to go there… Now I’ve got to maintain the look I suppose. More Veet, ordered a IPL hair remover, and considering a wax on wax off.

Hats off to you ladies who have done this for most of your adult lives, i admire your dedication.