lights on or off

Can't see if this has been done before but,

who is for lights on, and who for lights off during sex? Or even dimmed?

Just reply ON or OFF or DIMMED

Me, i'm


Dimmed, please. I'm very fussy about mood lighting, all about my fake candles and subtle lamps and all that girly nonsense.

While it's nice to see what's going on, having some glaringly bright light shining in my eyes gets on my nerves during.


Please, how very polite.

I agree with all the above

anything goes... on for anal or rougher sex... off for sleepy in bed morning/going to sleep sex.... actually yeah anything goes :D


We have a little bedside lamp that is dimmer than the main light but it gives a nicer orangey glow, rather than a full on headlight-style blast of white light. I much prefer seeing my OH for reactions, watching where i'm going and what i'm doing to her.

anything goes here, depends on mood really

I'd say ON, but my wife prefers DIMMED.

However it happens to be when the mood takes me? Not bothered....

lights ON!!

i like to see EVERYTHING!! (that i can anyway)

lights on bedside lamps only

OFF for me too!!! Darkness hides a multitude if sins LOL.

anything goes, depends on mood, depends on what you are doing

Dimmed, preferably candles or similar, so there's enough light to see everything but it's warm and cosy enough to cuddle and relax afterwards

Also means you don't have to face any wreckage straight away!

Morning all

For me its lights on... or candles... love to see the perfect curves of the lady I am with... Or to see what beautiful garments she has or I have brought from here... As the steamy night goes on, dimmed light or candles for the sexy massage and forepley. It creates a good mood and relaxes the moment.

Naughty thoughts

Mac xxx

have to say i guess it does depend on the mood. A passionate quickie on the dining room table would require lights on!!

definetly not keen on off though

On. But I love being blindfolded

Generally we have the light on. Often we just don't want to switch it off once we've started, but I think he like having it on anyway, and I don't really have a preference either way.

lesbian_future_nurse wrote:

however I hate when my OH has sex with me whilst wearing her socks...

Lols, is it odd that leaving stockings on is hot, but socks the opposite?!?

Lights on, off or dimmed, depends on the situation as other have said.

Depends on the mood..

Usually DIMMED... Lamps around the house. I have strategically placed every lamp/lighting system in the house. It's very important to me.

OFF when we have lovely, spontaneous night sex and during the day because you can't turn the sun off. However there was a windowless, closet sized classroom when I was at school... Hmmmm.

ON fully because, when sex just happens, light scenario is not an issue unless it's blinding your partner in the face.

another vote for depends on the mood

like dimmed lights for lazy night time sex but lights on for playing naughty