Lingerie Teasing!

My wife knows that I can get quite an erection just walking around the lingerie department with her. She can be quite a tease and will linger by the thongs and pick them up knowing what it does to me. Occasionally when we are out shopping she has decided on the spur of the moment to pop in to get some ‘knickers’ and will ask me what I think knowing that my erection will be growing in my trousers, the little sexy tease. Guys do you have this erection problem when in a lingerie department? Does your OH tease you like mine? I’d like to know that my ‘turn on’ is shared by others.

Hi, you are not alone, I often get an erection when my wife if shopping for panties and bras, it's when your mind starts to wonder and thinking of her wearing them, BIG TURN ON!

It's the same for me such a turn on ,she loves it to

Seems a common thing. It is the anticipation of what it will look like on, though silk and lace have to be amongst the sexiest materials anyway.

It's alright, you're definitely not alone. OH has really bad habit of doing that, knowing the problems it can cause for me to walk comfortably. Caught her at it one day in local shopping centre, let's just say I felt better when we left the changing rooms Lol

I have started teasing my husband more and more. I am loving the reactions!

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