Little embarrassed to ask

Me and my gorgeous girlfriend are very open sexualy, we try everything and sex is amazing
There is one thing that bothers me a little and that is, is it gay to like anal
I'm not against the gay community in anyway, just kinda feels weird to like my bum played with
My girlfriend has fingered, licked and use toys on me and I like it but just feels wrong
She says she thinks it's a little gay so it's put me off
What do you guys think

Participating in anal sex has no bearing or influence on your sexuality - it doesn't make you gay, straight or anything in between. It's a pleasurable experience for both men and women because the anus is full of nerve endings. Sexuality doesn't come into it - anywhere.

Infact it's pretty natural men to enjoy anal stimulation. The prostate is the male equivalent of the female g-spot, it's crazy sensitive and when stimulated can give a man an orgasm. Men have prostates, regardless of their sexual orientation.

There is nothing gay about a man liking anal sex. The male g spot I.e. prostate is in the anal passage. Many straight guys love anal sex. If you enjoy the feeling then you should forget about the typical stero typing that only gay men have anal sex and enjoy and explore it more. If your girlfriend is putting you off by suggesting it is a little gay then tell her so. Maybe she is sayng that because she is trying to lead it elsewhere. Either way you should talk to her about it. But seriously, Anal sex for a male is not gay and there is certainly nothing wrong with it if you enjoy the feeling.

Embrace it and enjoy/encourage your gf it feels great it's not gay in anyway you'll be missing out greatly so don't feel worried at all. You're very lucky to have a girlfriend to "assist " you😆

Nope not gay at all.

Why put labels on anything? We enjoy some things we don't others, we might be attracted to that person but not another. I've never been intimate or in love with a female, but I've never been intimate or in love with a man either so why dismiss either? I'm female and enjoy anal toys is that 'gay'? I'm pretty sure there will be males in relationships with another male that don't like anal sex as well so no it's not 'gay'

Don't worry, just enjoy it.

Anal sex has no relation to your sexuality, whether it's fingers, toys, tongues or even a strap on. A lot of men love anal penetration because the prostate gets stimulated and it rocks! So enjoy it and don't let anyone question your sexuality.

Thank you all
I really appreciate all the great messages, I feel so much better thanks to your comments
Wasn't sure about saying anything but so glad I did, I'll talk to my girlfriend
Thank everyone

God feels good, enjoy it!!

A lot of us on here love anal play and sex, of all genders ❤

My oh is definitely straight but he enjoys anal very much. My fingers, toys and being pegged....etc. It dosent matter in the slightest what you sexual preferences are.....if you like something, enjoy it xx

Terri JJ wrote:

My oh is definitely straight but he enjoys anal very much. My fingers, toys and being pegged....etc. It dosent matter in the slightest what you sexual preferences are.....if you like something, enjoy it xx

Well said Terri

You may be surprised by how often this question comes up! How could anal play between yourself and/or a female partner be gay? It can't. It's unfortunately just a common misconception that needs to be corrected. Definitely talk to her about it. It seems that she's ok with doing these things for and with you but has been misled by false information.

Oh and anal stimulation for men can be great for their prostate health! So keep on enjoying it :)

The only thing that could possibly be gay, by its very definition, is sexual attraciton to the same sex. That's it.

I've voiced curiosity to the wife before about anal play and pegging etc to the exact same result; she said "isn't that a little, ah... gay?". No homophobia on her part at all, just the encoded association in her mind between male anal acts and homosexuality. I said; "no, because I don't want another man to do it, I want you - a woman - to do it."

Pleasure is pleasure. Between man and woman its heterosexual. Between same sex its homosexual. Again, its very literal and very basic.

In simple terms, its the emotional connection that defines sexuality, you don't even have to engage in any sexual act to know what your orientation is. Plenty, if not most virgins know what they are long before being sexually active.

Totally straight here......but bloody love stuff up my bum. Just enjoy it.

Everyone has it spot on. My husband is straight and we both enjoy anal play. We even have a strap on for me to use on him (this is known as pegging in case you don't recognise the term) enjoy 🙂

Oh and welcome to the forum

My OH is straight but has got into anal play. We now both enjoy pegging and he even uses toys alone. Nothing wrong with what you enjoy and it does not make you gay.

Never be embarrassed to ask anything here. I will echo what others say, it is not in anyway related to your sexuality. It just so happens there is a pleasure spot that makes you weak at the knees that can only be accessed up the bum.

Next time you worry about this, remember that there are gay men who do not enjoy anal sex. There are also lots of straight men and women who do enjoy it. Anal sex / play is definitely not what makes you gay.

My one and only ever p-spot orgasm was 17 years ago. I was then 26, my then girlfriend was 46. One day she tied me up and used a vibrator on me at the same time as giving a bj. I lasted about 90 seconds, and to quote RosyCheek - I was weak at the knees. I honestly couldn't walk, the feeling was sesnsatational and explosive. I smiled for days.

Skip 17 years, mostly involving marriage and vanilla sex, and now my wife and I have started to explore anal play. Still looking for that p-spot again, but I'm confident we're doing something straight. This is fun between 2 consenting adults and nothing to do with being gay.

When we go off and find a bisexual male for some fun - that will be bisexual. We're still not at gay.