Long Winded Review - Broke New Ground!

This is a bit boring likely for most readers as you all are into shit I never knew existed and had to learn terminology that I had never read before. There are some of you that will roll your eyes at this but I gotta tell you the story cause it moved my wife and my relationship down a different path.

My wife and I have had arguments about sex.

Not about one person watching porn or someone flirting with someone else, not petty stuff. Real-world arguments about her lack of sex drive and the jealousy she has about the potential of me cheating on her. (Which has NEVER happened nor will it - she is a solid 10 in every aspect…) We will not allow anyone else in our circle nor do we want anyone… it is 100% up to us to make this work after 22 years of marriage and 2 kids who are 14 and 10.

We have disconnected sexually over the last 3-4 years big time. I got to the point where I suggested she get counselling for some daddy issues (or so I assumed) and her abhorrence to deviance sexually. When I say that I mean, blow jobs, rimming, stc… stuff that you all do on here just to get in the mood, was completely off limits to me for YEARS. Some would say prude, some traditional, I say non-existent. Our sex life consisted of penetration sex, very little kissing or passion, me blowing in a kleenex and straight to sleep. That being said, we are starting to resurrect our sex life after 14 years of survival and the tragedies that come with real life in the real world. Work, moving, kids, loss of parents and friends in death, having people getting sick from cancer who are younger than us…all kids of real terrible things. We had many meaningful discussions of what I expected and what she expected (my list was longer…lol). This has all happened during Covid lockdowns so perhaps boredom has increased her libido or she is watching porn while I am at work which I am ok with if it gets her going…

I digress… So in short, LH and the team here have changed our life. I’m not blowing smoke up anyone’s ass. The purchases I have made have been risky, especially if you understood totally what I am dealing with here. I have had to hide things, give things as gifts, sell them as something that will make her feel better, prettier and more liberating to her being in control. 2 bottles of different types of lube, a couple of lingerie sets, a bullet and a G-Spot vibrator have all been a stretch for us but have been exhilarating as I watch her turn into a more “sexual” person.

It started by her sending a dirty text and saying she was ready for me when I got home. That night, we went to the pub for dinner and then came home to a thunder storm. While watching the lightning on the couch, she grabbed my hand and pulled it into her crotch and let me play with her pussy. The kids are still awake and in the next room! This never happens. I start eating her out a little to get her warmed up and then we decide to take it upstairs.

I bring out my LH purchases and at first she is embarrassed and obviously intimidated. But she is too far down the path with a wet pussy to stop now. She got on top with me inside her and usng the bullet she started to shake… She pulled it into the spot and rode me like never before… then she started to use the bullet on my ass and that got her really going. I laid her back and get her to use the G-Spot vibrator while I ran the bullet on her ass and clit while giving her nipple play. She exploded! So good… she was almost shy and back to her timid self when her attention turned to me with a hand/blowjob and anal play…

We seriously turned a corner that night. And between your advice on the forum and some risk taken by me, it was a huge new adventure. We then had a long discussion after sex about her using the vibrator on herself whenever she wanted. As far as I know she never would masturbate so hopefully she gets some privacy and bravery to explore herself.

Anyways, thanks for everything so far. We are looking forward to testing some new things if @Lovehoney_Brenna so chooses and it appears she is more open to exploration which is more than 22 years of marriage have gotten us. I don’t want to get carried away but this is new ground and she is open to more stuff than ever before thanks to LH!

Thanks again and keep up the good work… sorry this is long winded but it literally means the world to me and may have saved what was becoming a bit of a rocky and jealous relationship.


It was good to read that you are both on a new journey together :slight_smile:

That is absolutely excellent and well done to both of you. Its lovely to hear some good news on here. @valbowski77

Great news for you @valbowski77 enjoy your new life and discovery’s…
Plenty of outdoor places in gorgeous Canada for outdoor play :wink::wink::wink:

We’ve had some late night campfire play when the kids are sleeping in the camper… time to take some toys with us. We are going away for 2 weeks at the end of the month. Funny what a late night bottle of Prosecco can do to being silly and upping the mood. We have also had to get creative as she likes mornings and I prefer nights…so I switched it up on her and wake her sometimes for a quickie before I go to work. Sometimes I will just make her cum and then I leave without finishing just to let her know she “comes” first in our sex life. I think it is the little things…

This whole time it was probably me, not her, who needed to change their mindset…


@valbowski77 the rechargeable wand was excellent at the beach, for turn on tease and doggy while oh holds it on her clit… What a night

One of my best reads so far. Definitely feel like im in a very similar situation 12 years in so defo feeling more positive for the future​:raised_hands:t4:

This is wonderful news!

Your post speaks to me as I feel that I am in similar shoes to your wife, and I too am thankful for a recent libido turnaround, and LH, for getting my mojo back.

Best wishes to you both and your continued happiness :grin:

Keep sharing the positivity!


what a lovely story, thank you so much for sharing. i’m so glad things are getting better between you both. heres to your first steps on a new journey together. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This is so amazing to read!!
Please don’t feel that you’ve been on your own though. There’s plenty of us that have all been in the same boat as you and your wife. Some still are.
Its so nice to hear that the forum has made such a huge difference to you both. :blush::blush:

Wow. What a heartwarming story @valbowski77 Thanks so much for sharing. Made my day reading about your new adventures…

That was a fantastic read and left me with a big smile on my daft old face. So delighted for you both! :+1:

Great to hear things have improved for you. Enjoy your toys and sharing.

@valbowski77 … great read and great news. :+1:

Your story keeps getting better and I must admit I am jealous of what you have now. Well done, excellent to hear the good news that just keeps getting better. @valbowski77