Lost/Forgotten Toys

Anyone else forgotten or lost a toy and not a in a position to ask for it back.

We went away last week to a caravan park and realised when we got home we’d left 1 FSOG Wrist Cuff in the bedroom :man_facepalming: Wasn’t something we could ring and ask for back.

More annoyed that they’re £50 a set and our best cuffs.

Id ask for it back. Its only a cuff. Im sure they will have seen much worse!

I’ve given many of my toys away in the past to people I’ve had dates with as a way for me to make room for new toys and see that I’ve given the old ones a good home but one I wished I’d kept was my willy pump as I still think of it often and how I didn’t try it out that much :face_with_peeking_eye:

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I’d ask for it back! Tell them you’ll send postage costs, but you’d need to do it soon in case they chuck it out.

i have taken a spanking paddle for myself in the past - a friend was into bdsm and i would help him out and would come around - dress up and i would spank them - however they once had a beautiful paddle with a leather handle and i wanted it for myself (i also love a spank too) so during a discipline session i told him i was going to keep this paddle and he just accepted it.

I did for a minute feel a bit of a bitch but next time he came around (with a new paddle) he asked if i enjoyed it …

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We have lost a glass dildo my mrs loved…we think its where we went in spain last year or either in a air b&b up in Inverness

Omg - love the fact you love to spank - but to nick his paddle - very bad girl…

I’d be too embarrassed to ask… Couldn’t do it…

Left an egg vibrator behind in a hotel a while back. I’m guessing it probably got left in bed. Pretty sure that hotel maids have found worse. We generally clean up pretty well, not wanting to leave a mess for the staff. Toss out the food garbage and wrappers, make sure everything is relatively tidy. Lost vibe was just an oversight, and worth about $10.

Like a few have said, I’d ask for it back.

For my wife and I’s anniversary, we were staying at a lodge, when leaving we did the customary check we haven’t left anything, an hour later I got a call that we left a ring, wedding ring on finger, it was only to realise the owner of the lodge explained that it was in a Lelo pouch left under the pillow, they were kind enough to return back via post. :joy:

We have emailed the park asking for it back so let’s see what they say.

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I’m sure they’ve had more risque items left than a cuff. Now if it was a dildo, that might’ve went in the bin lol