Lovehoney Classic Silicone Medium Butt Plug

Hi. Recently purchased the Lovehoney Medium Butt Plug. Not my first butt plug but first from lovehoney with this style of base. Anyone have experience with it? Did anyone find discomfort with the base and did it go away over time or was always there? I cant seem to use the toy for more then 2 hours before I feel the base causing discomfort.

This one? I’m not sure which one you mean as what you put is a vague name.

I’ve not had experience with this type of plug but maybe adding more lube and making sure to top up every hour or so on it?

yes that is the correct product.

my problem has been the large base causing discomfort after an hour or so. just wondering if anyone has had this experience and if the body ever adjusted to it.

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Hi, yes I’ve used this one but personally far too small for me. It just slips in and out. I get far much more satisfaction from the dildo toys. I find that once you’ve had the plug in for a while your body gets used to it and then it’s uncomfortable to get it out… I personally have a large selection of dildos and just work my way up from small to large…. Thanks for sharing xxx

Hi. You never had a problem with the base causing discomfort?

I have one and it was a great plug, but I could never keep it in once I stood up, in fact I have not found one plug that my body doesn’t eject after standing up, it’s like sphincter muscles say no squatter’s allow in this area.

I guess the body would adjust to it after a while but if not then least YouTube tried and know better what sort of plugs are you preferred style :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve had plugs where the base has been a little uncomfortable. Using a little lube on the edges and reapplying every so often can help.

I’ve never had this issue and I have this exact same plug and I really enjoy it and want to get the bigger one some time soon. Maybe you arnt used to this plug? Give it some time and try to get used to it as it’s a joy to use for me personally. I really like the base because it makes me feel safe and like it won’t get stuck inside me and it would be horrifying to have to go to the hospital.

maybe its just a time thing to adjust to it. I have had other plugs with a slimmer base and never had a problem with discomfort.