travel size sex toy cleaner

is there anyway that you guys would be intreasted in adding differant sizes of the lovehoney sex toy cleaner? im really quite anal about cleaning my toys and id love it if i could get a travel size bottle of the lovehoney cleaner for dirty weekends away or time spent away at the blokes or on holiday instead of the normal size bottle which is hard to fit in my over night bag (to much underwear, clothes, washbag, shoes ect). id also be intreasted in buying a larger size bottle to keep at home as i do use the cleaner alot.

thanks :)


Thats a very interesting point there D, I'd be up for that, I want to invest in some toy cleaner


the lovehoney one is the best one and it last for ages and i think i spray more on then ur meant to lol.

it just be really handy to have a travel size one as ive got a few bullet vibes which wont take room up and i want a bottle of cleaner to be the same.


can i add a travel size bottle of lube aswell? lol but the cleaner is the main thing im after really.


the LH sex toy cleaner is the best, but I'll agree with diamonds, I spray to much too lol!

I just brought a little empty travel bottle thing from boots, then i just take some in there when I want to travel with it I'm sure it would work with lube too!


This might also come in handy for carry-on luggage at airports, I'd buy a 30oz bottle of lube or cleaner when I go over to see the girlfriend in the states.

Hiya Blackwater- Essex boy are we????

Interesting photo by the way.


Welcome BlackwaterFerret!!! interesting tongue action you have there!!!


Oh, yes please on the toy cleaner! I've tried putting it into travel bottles, but it always seems to end up everywhere, probably because I am congenitally clumsy and incapable.

You can get juicy lube in tiny tubes - there's about eight in a packet I think - if you're looking for something to put in hand luggage: and they look just like lip gloss or something. At least, that's what I've been telling myself...