Massage Candles


We've been using a few massage candles and they're great, both love them! You should try them :-)

However, they just seem to burn the middle of the wax and we cant get the outside to melt, no matter what we try, so we're loosing alot of the candle.

How do you all use your candles? Can you get the whole thing to melt?

as it melts i swirl the melted wax around...try and create more of a flat area rather than a deep pool...hope this helps x

I find it annoying then the knot is not in the middle, but towards one side, it happened to me with some and it does make the melting even more difficut.

smirnoff: thanks for this tip!

could you invest in a aromatherapy burner or tart burner ( the kind with a dish you put a tea light under) when youve finished your candle wick scoop out the leftover wax and put it in the burner.

I'll try it smirnoff!

That's another good idea Sweetlove, thanks!