Members we miss

@Orgasm_Chaser where are you my SO “top northern bird ?”


I’m about, bobbing in and out. My best friend has been falling apart and really struggling so most of my time and energy has gone in her direction the last week or so. Just sucks that I can’t physically do anything like give her the massive hug she really needs!

Thank you for noticing :kissing_heart:


You’re welcome! I know how you feel about not being able to give a physical hug, so many people could do with one, and it makes you feel helpless not being able to help other than with words and virtual hugs and kisses.

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I have missed @Blonde_Bunny, i think she has been looking but not posting and have missed her great photo’s. May be due to everything else that is going on in the worth she is having to concentrate on her working life. We can only send our love out to her.


Yes definitely miss her saucy wit! @Blonde_Bunny we miss you!


I agree with @steve19 and @WillC - I’m missing @Blonde_Bunny too :hearts:


Haven’t seen @Scoob on here for quite a while


Hey @Melody1, @WillC, @MsSubExperimenter, @steve19 and @KinkyMira I’m still here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m fine and I often have quiet spells. Thankyou for all thinking of me and it’s so lovely to know I’m noticed.

Love to you all :heart:


Hey :grinning: glad your ok. To be honest I’ve missed your comments on the forums. Some of them are so good, also relatable too! You’ve also got some cracking photos! Happy new year!

Glad you’re ok @Blonde_Bunny :slightly_smiling_face::hugs:

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Glad your still around, love the banter and the photos are to die for.

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@MsSubExperimenter sorry to hear that we do hope she gets it all back together hun🤗

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Sorry to hear that @MsSubExperimenter, sending big hugs :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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There’s loads of regular posters from when I first joined that I used to interact with a lot that don’t seem to be active on here anymore and I can’t @ them. They may be here still but under different names now and if they are I hope they are all keeping well xx

You might find that’s because of the forum name-style change (eg ‘Ian Chimp’ became ‘Ian_Chimp’, and K&C30’s became ‘@K_c30_s’).

The Search is great on here though, so if you remember an old topic they were in, or something they said that would stand out, you might be able to find them that way. :+1:

Some people have deleted their accounts and posts though, and others have become anonymised, so there may be some people that have left altogether or who have reinvented themselves under a new username.

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Thanks for the suggestion @Ian_Chimp. I’ll try to see if I can find them :grin:

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Even searching their old-style username can bring up posts where people have quoted them (the ‘Ian Chimp wrote:’ first lines), and then you can normally scroll up a bit and find the original comment (if it still exists) with their new username format.

And if they have a space in their old-style name popping quotes around the search words can help focus it (eg. “Ian Chimp”).

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@Enchantress29 where are you my friend?


@zombifiedguy @Orgasm_Chaser hope you’re both ok?
Also @CurvyJilly34F you’ve been quiet this last few days, hope you’re doing ok too my friend? :hugs::kissing_heart:


@EmmaC1989, it’s all gone quiet in Steel City