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I asked about her a while ago and she said she’d been super busy with uni x

Welcome back @GlasgowGal

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Welcome back @GlasgowGal

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@Kitty-Cat01 and @Melody1 thanks :smile: life seems to be a bit complicated at the moment. Hopefully this year will be a better one than the last.
Im still sticking my head in the forum from time to time, when i remember. Hope everyone is doing well and had an awesome Christmas


Good to hear from you @Green_Eyed_Girl! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Christmas isn’t my thing so I’m happy now that the world has gone back to something closer to sanity. Hope you had a good one? If you need to rant or talk about the “complicatedness” feel free, otherwise, keep well and we’ll see you around when you pop in x

Finding january a bit of a struggle this year :sweat_smile: it is not my favourite month. I am also getting much better with the m.e/cfs but am still at that annoying stage where i want to do more and get more normal in my life, but cant see a way to manage it quite yet. So frustrating. Its just getting me down at the moment.
I tried a few things, they face planted spectacularly. Rather disheartening.
So trying to kick myself out of the low patch right not. The grey weather is not helping :rofl:


Well that’s positive, can I ask if you did anything in particular or did it just happen? I hope it continues to improve for you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: No need to rush into anything though, take your time and find out what works for you. I know how you feel, I’ve been there many times. I always want to do everything all at once and then wonder why I’m tired, it’s very frustrating. I’m with you on January not being the best month but I try to think that we are past the shortest day of the year so it gets better from here on, bring on spring!

Your not the first person to ask me that, but sadly i have no clue what it was. Ive been gradually getting better ever since i came down with it (its been 15yrs so it took a while to get to this point). I think ive just reached a tipping point in the recovery.

Thanks :smile: me too. Hope everything is going well with you too.

I think it frustration too. I have more energy and want to use it, but Living in the back of beyond and not being able to drive is very limiting. And im not there yet, energy wise, to Sign up for driving lessons.

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@Iwill Hi, you wouldn’t believe what has been going on in my life…long story short, just before Christmas, an elderly lady crashed her car into my house rendering it uninhabitable!
I’ve moved in with my partner and won’t be able to move back for probably 9 months. Only good side to it is we’re having even more sex than we had before :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@maz1965 …that is terrible news!!!
However every cloud has a silver lining…hey hey!!!
Glad you are ok…hope the old lady is as well.x

Awful news, glad you weren’t injured, you can replace bricks and mortar.

That’s awful @maz1965, I’m glad you’re ok :hugs:

Terrible @maz1965. Pleased you’re OK

@maz1965 … Maybe you wont move back in.? The company and all that sex may be hard to give up.? :thinking: X


@maz sorry to hear of your bad news however in the brightside your having fun hope it all works out for you