mens wear

hey, need some advice, what do you like to see us men wearing in the bedroom, or men what do your OH like to see you in

I'd like to say a smile!

Really though, a nice pair of tight fitting trunks is always appreciated.

I think everyone is different when it comes to personal tastes in the bedroom. Your best bet would be to talk to your OH and ask what they like, or try a few outfits out to see what gets you the best reaction. If you don't want to ask outright, listen to when they make comments on what looks good on you/other people and make a mental note of it for future.

Personally, I prefer simple underwear, like a fitted pair of boxers or briefs with a low-rise elasticated waist - the typical 'Calvin Klein' style. But there are loads of people out there who enjoy more elaborate or stylised lingerie, so it's best to talk to whoever you'll be dressing up for.

If all else fails, wear something which makes you feel sexy, and the message will defiitely be received loud and clear by your OH. There's nothing sexier than confidence, so aim for something which you think will achieve that when shopping. Who knows, you might even awaken a taste for a style which your OH which they didn't even know threy had, so just go for it!

In the bedroom, naked. out the bedroom, a nice fitted suit. I'm a simple girl.

I like to see my OH in fitted black boxer shorts in the bedroom. He wears Calvins mostly. He has tried lacy briefs but he felt and looked uncomfortable in them, which put me off them.

Like Jess says, confidence plays a big part in sexiness and when my hubby is comfy he's full of confidence. Though his underwear choices are simple, seeing him towering over me so certain of himself never fails to get me going.

I quite like emporio armani underwear but you need the one with elastane as they fit better for longer, I also wear Diesel or ES collection none are cheap but obv better.