Most expensive place in the world to have sex?

IRELAND. Friggin typical. Sigh.

Thought this might be of interest to you guys, though some might already have seen it - it's a survey on condom prices worldwide. I could go on a rant on the shocking state of Ireland's sexual health and our disgraceful lack of facilities, but I won't; suffice to say that I'm not bloody surprised we came out on top of this list with the attitudes towards sex in this country. Grr.

(On another note - didn't there used to be a Condoms section on the boards or am I going mad??)

I thought there was. Mind you, not much you can really say about condoms is there.

Tip for the Irish- get a cheap deal to Kenya and go into the toilets in any Nairobi decent resteraunt (I recommend the Carnivore- it's fantastic!). Then steal the huge roll of free ones.

Lol :) Great plan!

Alternatively, in my ranting to people about this, a boy told me about a cool website - Good for buying bulk condoms, he says.

Bejayzus Shellyboo!!! To be sure you're in a Catholic country; use the tried and tested rhythym method that the Pope himself gave us. Moi Irish cousin Patrick McNaughty has used it all his loif and only has the fifteen kids,sure he has.

Anyway, if condoms are forbidden to poor Catholic Africans desperate to survive in their AIDS ridden countries, you are certainly not allowed to use them. No, not even the flavoured ones. Nor the ribbed ones come to that (come - was that a pun there?)

Sorry...too political. I'll go away and count my condom collection.

Yes but Im pretty sure theyll still have free clinics with bowls full of the things

In Holy Catholic Ireland? No siree. Health service here is beyond shite. We have one free GUM clinic in Dublin and you have to take a whole day off work to attend, with no guarantee of being seen. No big bowl of free condoms either, as with most contraception here you have to beg the doctor for it. Universities are a bit better - Student Unions tend to supply free condoms but you still have to go and ask!

Ha ha, and indeed, ho ho Shellyboo! To be sure.

Thought you'd like that one :D

I went to the Carnivore in Nairobi when I was on honeymoon. Didn't notice any condoms in the loo though.

Restaurant fans: "Carnivore" is so named because they cook pretty much any animal that you've just seen while you've been on safari in the Masai Mara.

I had zebra. Tasted like chicken. That had been flavoured with horse.

Really? Guess they assume the men would forget anyway. Leave it to the women! lol :P

The Carnivore is ace- they basically bring a big lump of meat on a sword to you, stick the tip on your plate say 'It's alligator- want some?' and the hack off a chunk!

We weren't allowed Zebra, cos there was a shortage. Had alligator, ostrich, impala and something else really weird. Impala has to be my favourite meat ever.

... yeah no veggie friendly the Carnivore.

My bf's mum works at a hospital in the heath clinic so we get boxes of condoms for free I dont think i have ever had to pay for condoms before. Noone should have to either!!

pinkbeach wrote:

My bf's mum works at a hospital in the heath clinic so we get boxes of condoms for free I dont think i have ever had to pay for condoms before. Noone should have to either!!

I am so with you on that one! I realise the poor manufacturers need to make money, but I really think that the Health Service here should make them more widely available for free, or even at discount.

True, I feel for you having to pay for them, even when i go to the doctors I always ask, just to top up the supply!

If condoms are expensive in Irish shops then it's a good thing you've got lovehoney isn't it Shelly? :P

Bulk order time!