My baby boy is here!

It finally happened!

After 5 days of gruelling labour, things suddenly progressed extremely quickly last night to the point where we had to phone an ambulance as I didn't think I'd make it to hospital. When we got to hospital I was pretty much ready to go! 😮

My beautiful baby boy was born at 11:19pm on 22nd March weighing 5lb 4oz. He was 7 weeks and 1 day early, so that's a fantastic weight.

He came out screaming and breathing all by himself, I got to see him very quickly then they whisked him off to the neonatal unit. An hour later we went down to see him, I spent a few hours doing kangaroo care with him and I'm amazed at how well he's doing. He hasn't needed any breathing support or oxygen, he's just got an IV for antibiotics and fluids, and a feeding tube. I've been able to express for him and will continue to do so as often as I can. He will be moving out of the incubator and into a crib on the lower dependency unit sometime today, we should expect him to be there for a few weeks while he gets the hang of feeding, weight gain and temperature regulation. But otherwise he's looking great so far, he's such a strong boy. 💙

I'm feeling completely overwhelmed, and guilty, I don't think it's really hit me that I'm a mum yet. It all happened so quickly and I barely saw him after he was born, so I don't feel like I got that 'Rush' that other mums talk about. I love him to pieces but he almost doesn't feel like my baby yet. The midwives tell me this is very normal and it's just shock, I'm feeling upset about it though as I should feel differently. I think I just need to spend more time with him bonding. I'm on the post natal ward now, everyone else has their babies with them and I don't 😢

I want to say a huge thank you to everybody who has supported me and been there for me throughout the entire pregnancy, especially recently. It hasn't been an easy time at all but you've all been amazing and I really appreciate you putting up with me! Xxxxx

Argh I'm such an idiot, I can't edit my post. 5lb 4oz that should say!

Wow huge congratulations to you and your partner. So happy he is here happy and healthy. Congrats once again mummy boogaloo 👶🏻🍼🎀

Wow hon. Don't beat yourself up lots of hormones going crazy. CI grata aND get sone reat hon..

Congratulations!! Happy to hear baby is safe and doing well. Hope you're doing ok too. I know it's earlier than you wanted, but I guess little man thought it was time! 👶🏼 Xx

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Congratulations, well done 🎉

Congratulations boo! You've done so well!! I'm so happy he's here and doing so well xx


Huge Congratulations Boo! I'm so happy for you. Just try to relax now, and breathe ... Everything will be ok Hun - you are a fantastic mum - enjoy your precious little boy 💙🍼🎉😘 xx

Congratulations! Well done Mum!

Also, I just wanted to say that everyone feels like that, like you're living you're living in the twilight zone and you can't quite believe that the baby is yours. Being a mum is an enormous concept for the brain to get, especially after a gruelling labour. 💖

Ooooohhhhh huge huge huge congratulations huni!!!!! Your hormones will be going crazy at the love him and he is here and that's the main everything else will fall into place...what a strong boy he is suited to his strong mummy! Love to you both xxxx

Massive congratulations Boo!! What a brilliant weight for being so early, sending big hugs to you both xxxx

Congratulations! X

Congratulations boogaloo. That great news. Very good weight for being early. Look after your selves and baby. Have you gave him a name yet? 🎉😀

Congratulations to you Boo...I'm so happy for you !

Dont worry about the feelings you're experiencing. Both my daughters spent their first few days in scbu and although I obviously loved them immediately I also felt like that 'special bond' was somehow missing. That developed over a few days and became complete after a couple of days at home with them. I think I expected to feel a lot more than I did immediately after they were born if I'm being honest and I did feel guilty as I assumed that was how I would feel. You've done an amazing job carrying this little chap and bringing him safely into the world.....and you're going to be a fantastic Mum...your son is a very lucky little boy xxx

Congratulations . Just hope you can all go home as soon as possible as a family. x

well done Boo!!

so glad to hear he's a strong healthy boy, that is a really good weight and its so good he's breathing independantly, you must be so proud!

it's a shame you missed out on the typical long cuddle most mothers get but you'll still have the rest of your life with him, that little time will seem so insignificant in ten years when you're watching his first play or teaching him to ride his bike!

enjoy every seccond of it, im so proud of you, you've been so strong.



do we have a name yet? :)

Massive congratulations Boogs! Fantastic news.

Every birth is different. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. You will be a fantastic mum.

Absolutely amazing and happy news. Congratulations lovely and to your partner too- I really do wish you all the best and happiness. You're an absolutely lovely person and I can't wait to hear more!! <3