My ex is trying to poison my new relationship...

Having been cheated on and stuck by her, then found out that she was still lying to me and manipulating me for months before finally leaving me for a guy 15 years younger. I know find out that my once much-loved and trusted ex is telling people to warn off anyone who goes on a date with me.

Struggling to make sense of this, though I know even trying to do so is probably futile!


Id most likely say shes doing it as she can longer have you so she doesnt want anyone else too

Thanks both :)

The woman I am seeing at the moment is well and truly wise to all this, thankfully I have been totally open about all the drawn out pain so she knew the truth before the gossip hit.

Still sad though that the ex can't let go, I have done everything she asked of me.

*shudders* :(

Oh it is sad. Just keep your head up and keep being the better person.

She is architect of her own unhappiness and hopefully will one day realise that is because what goes around comes around and stop.

Noon, does it tell you anything if i KNEW this was your thread just from the title?

More *hugs* for Noon

She probably doesnt want you to be happy or have anyone as she knows how good of a man you are and it will hurt her to see another woman with you . Put thats not fair on you, you should be happy ingnore the ex shes just a tit . She made her bed now go lie in it with her toy boy while you meet a lovely woman who treats you right Noon . All the best in this new relationship .

Thanks all, very comforting words :)