My first time with another woman

My best ever orgasm was when I first slept with a woman, I'd had sex with men for years but it never felt right, I had orgasms all night long and they just kept getting stronger and stronger, my lungs were bursting from all the screaming I was doing. Waves of pleasure were washing over me starting at my clit and shooting all over my body, deep inside and to the very tips of my fingers, I have never looked back since

you lucky lucky thing.....

Yeah ..... I'm so jealous

I agree with mistressviolet that sex with another woman is mindblowing! Best orgasms ever for me too. Men are too rough and fast. Sex with women lasts for hours and it's soft and sensual. Lots of foreplay and kissing and touching all over.

That's what I think I'd find appealing, if it happened. Plus, a woman should know what to do for the best possible effect.

Btw, have you seen this clip, Susiestoys? I think you'll like it .....

Sorry to 'butt' in on this conversion, or should that be conversation, here girls, but harken ye to the following. A friend of a friend who is a big roughty tufty swinger type was trying for ages to sew the seed with his female partner that he would like to see her with another girly. It came to pass that his girlfriend's friend and her hubby came round, wine flowed, they all got larroped, and girly A started to make advances to Girly B... ok \ok so you're ahead of me here, aint been on a typing course yet so please bear with me... all ended up ripping their bodices off and fucking the hell out of each other, after the girls had rubbed bellies for half an hour or so. Next am red faces all round, followed by phone calls between the girlies on a daily basis. Also his partner got the hump as he seemed to enjoy fucking the other girly more than he fucked her !! don't ask me how he knew, but she did,!! spose it's a girlie thing !! The other day rampant hubby came home to find girlie A sitting on the downstairs sofa with a beauty salon rep from the local John Lewis, her best friend in all the world, minus lipstick, the first time he had seen her in so 'naked' a condition. Later found makeup, not of his partner's colour, in the bed, and assumed Girlie A had been stuffing aforementioned beautician up the rusty bullet hole with a dildo !!.
Girlie A and partner and Girlie B and partner have since all met up and made like it didn't happen.... but question. a. how do you develop an exit strategy in such circs, and anyone care to make any predictions about how this might all pan out !!! Just that Mrs Tallboy and l are thinking of travelling this path and the last thing l want is Mrs Tallboy running off with Girly A , Girly B or even both come to that ha ha.... selfish intesest aside l would appreciate your input folks. Hugs and Slaverings in anticipation.... for any expert input. Thanks. I am now going to try and navigate my way to the "Most embarassing experience with a sex widget" give me about three weeks to type it up and may be worth seeking it out, it's a bit of a laught even though l say it myself. Thanks xxxx

I'm not interested in getting hubby in on this action, tallboy!!

Fair enough, just that l thought whilst on the general subject... good luck with your ambitions Teddy-Bear x

Teddy-Bear, I did watch the video and it is very hot. Maybe you should give it a try sometime. You'd like it, I promise!

I just watched it and oh boy was it great! I came twice whilst viewing and it's now reawakened all my bi desires. If that's what judges do, I wish I was up in front of the beak tomorrow!!

Lucky judges!

There, I knew you'd like that video!

"Maybe you should give it a try sometime. You'd like it, I promise!"
I sure I would! It's just finding the opportunity; I have no idea how to go about it. I must have been married too long and got out of the groove ....

Teddy-Bear, there are lots of women out there that would love to be your first lesbian experience. Just open yourself up to the possibility when you are out and about. We are stores, book stores, picking up the kids at school, kids soccer practice, church, at work, etc.

I did get asked out by a woman a few years ago. She backed off once she saw my wedding ring. :-( That was my closest encounter - which isn't nearly close enough.

Just keep open to the possibilities and if you feel yourself attracted to another woman, look her in the eyes and let your gaze last a little longer than you would with your friends. She will get the message. This works more times than not.

Thanks Susie. You know, I am an ACE flirter with men, but have no idea how to go about it with women. So if you (or anyone else) have any other advice I'd very much welcome it.

Be sure to post here when you do make it with another woman! I'd love to read what you think!

I certainly will. Here's hoping it won't be too long coming .... (pun intended).

oh dear, good old x-tube eh? i think if that really happened there'd be alot more people commiting crimes! i love the thought of being with another woman but im very happy with my bloke for now and not interested in a threesome as too many complications etc..will just have to keep it as a fantasy for now i suppose. Teddy have you tried going to a gay club or a bar where they have a gay night? im guessing itd be less intimidating if you knew people there were more likely to be on the same wavelength as you

The gay bar/night is a good idea - or it would be if I wasn't so well known around my home town. If word got around it'd be dreadful for me (both personally and for my business). This is why I've been waiting for so long for a truly discreet opportunity to arise.