Natural Squirters

Hi LH,

I knows there’s lots of threads about the above subject etc but I was seeking some info on how and how much occurs for natural squirters.

Those of you lucky enough to just squirt with very little effort, how easy is it? Does it literally happen every time you have sex with your partner or masterbate? That must be almost annoying for bed linen etc.

How much of it is there? Is it a big jet or just lots of dribbling?

Just wandered around this subject after seeing a lot of videos on Reddit etc.

My OH can do it sometimes but there’s need for lots of stimulation and lots of fingers on gspots etc. This then produces a double of squirt rather than a big jet and of course it doesn’t happen without a lot of effort.

Thanks all.


Not sure but its just little dribbles for me sometimes.


Constantly? Ie naturally it just happens most times you have sex

It takes effort and the volume can vary. Your partners experience sounds pretty common.

Are the videos you’ve been watching porn?


No, generally home videos etc. I’m not saying why… I’m just asking about what people experiences are who are a natural squirter etc

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I don’t know if I ever squirted when I had a hubby/partner as there was always a bit of them in the way .

Since I’m a solo player now thanks to LH I squirt every time I play, sometimes 2 or 3 times. It’s not just with the big toys either.

Yes I have been soaked sometimes so I invested in a waterproof picnic blanket. I never knew picnics could be so much fun .


I have different kinds of liquid that come out. There’s clear stuff, creamy stuff, and then if I don’t empty my bladder enough there’s that other stuff.

A big part of my sex drive is a need to ejaculate. It isn’t an option. My anatomy is unique (intersex) so I experience sex differently. It isn’t just an issue of squirting, it is whether I emptied myself enough to feel comfortable after sex. Typically during sex, it isn’t just a one-time thing. The initial liquid amount is much larger than subsequent amounts, though. If I’m really full and really aroused…it doesn’t even take sex to make it happen. Just a kiss or a touch is enough, and I’ll cum and make a mess. The initial liquid emission is more forceful. Not like in internet porn videos, but more than a dribble. Several ounces of stuff for sure. Thereafter, I leak and dribble.

I kind of dislike how doing this is a focus, fantasy, or fetish. For me, the need is unpleasant. The feeling that I haven’t emptied enough is really frustrating. I push my pelvic muscles until it hurts and I still have the feeling that there’s a bit more liquid stuck inside that has to come out…and it won’t.

Yes, it is wet and inconvenient on the sheets. My husband often handles me in the garage, where I can just let it go on the floor. Or in the shower. In bed, there’s towels. Or my GF, who likes to just lay under me and swallow it all.

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I hate that its such a focus! Its guaranteed to make it not happen for me.

I can have an orgasm without squirting and still enjoy my orgasm but the squirting feels final. I’ve never been able to squirt during penetration whether thats with a penis or a dildo. If theres something inside me it’ll make my orgasm stronger but I can’t squirt.

My partner will drink my squirt but prefers my pee…they are different tastes.


I’d think lots of variants have to be taken into account for the type of squirty some women can get :thinking:

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@JoCat Interesting that you can’t squirt with something inside. I’m the same way! Of course, part of that is due to my unique anatomy…most of the liquid has to come out that direction, and PIV sex just blocks it up.

I can’t even hardly orgasm during PIV sex. I feel all plugged up, desperate to ejaculate and I just CAN’T. When my husband and I did it, he’d actually pull out of me so I could get rid of the liquid, then we’d continue. It can enhance the orgasm, but the frustration kind of ruins it. Orgasm denial is cruel. :smirk:


Thats the feeling…plugged up! It makes for a really strong orgasm and my partner loves the fluttery clenching. Its hard to direct someone mid orgasm but with my dildo this is when I would thrust it until I feel the wetness and then I pull out and then start the thrusting again to ‘ride the waves’. So I try to describe that to my partner when we’re not having sex so that he knows in advance bc theres not a chance of me being able to direct him when we’re at that point :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Maybe the penis or dildo is pressing on the urethra and stopping the squirt :man_shrugging:t2:


@JoCat When I’m having sex, the opening of my urethra to the outside of my body closes off somehow. Rather strange. Being intersex, on of my oddities is a second branch of the urethra that opens inside my vagina. So during PIV, I’m literally plugged, unable to let the fluid out. Its great for him in that moment, as my body’s wild attempts to push the fluid out mean a lot of clenching/contractions. Not so good for me, as I can get frustrated to the point of crying.

Like you, I lose words during sex. It took a bit to communicate to my husband that he needs to pull out so I can cum, and then we can continue. Anymore, we just don’t do PIV. Anal allows me to use my pelvic muscles to push as much as I want, riding the waves for high-pressure ejaculation and then relaxing for lazy dribble.


You’re plugged in the literal sense!