Naughty nurse or mucky maid?

I'm stocking up on naughty stuff for a dirty weekend away - would you guys find a nurses outfit or a PVC maid outfit sexier?

Nurse's outfit, for sure. When you get to my age, it's more relevant!

nurse outfit everytime

Well i already got the maid outfit - looks like I'll be acting the naughty nurse too!

Just got to be the nurse's outfit for a dirty weekend away and the PVC maids outfit for a welcome home from work surprise!

Graet idea - then I can make use of both. Only thing is, I'm not sure about acting the part cos I don't want to look/feel silly. Guess I'll have to have a couple of glasses/bottles of wine before I leap on him lol!

prefer the maid outfit..

I went to my first car boot sale the other weekend. Pretty mundane stuff apart from a big gruff rufty tufty type enquiring "How much is that nurse's uniform" !!!! My friend came marching up pleased as punch holding aloft an old school enamelled badge, not too exciting to be true, but it said Vice Captain on it. Talk about lifelong learning eh !!!


I don't get it.

I want Vice Captain for me and Head Girl for my mate! Did I also see Team Sports Captain? most apt after my 3some the other week!

Lol, ok, NOW I get it.

Team Sports Captain... teeheehee.

@ Mercuria

I always say if you want it, you can usually find it on eBay...

thank you BBG- you are such a wonderful researcher! I shall have to place my order!

The badge may well be the one my friend bought..... would like to know how much it went for but probably deleted by now. BBG you haven't been around for some time, not concerned in the least as you seem the good sort who could talk himself out of many a tight spot, although l fear Truly Scrumptious might weave a tight web if so inclined to do!!!

I will check out e.bay and see what they have, L did in my time wear with pride a school badge which announced "Head Boy" luckily twas before the penny and other things had dropped re the more erotic meaning behind these words, the Head Girl was indeed scrummy though... where are you Ms Sykes !!!!


Sorry Happycamper. xxxx

Nurse or that really a fair choice! HAVE BOTH! ;o)

do you take two bottles in the shower too then ? don

I'd go for the cheeky, flirty but all so innocent (my ass!) French maid.

Had some pics taken last week wearing a French maid outfit and it was sooooooo horny!

You just HAVE to keep bending over / reaching up whilst wearing it - it just cries out to be taken from behind ;-)

Couple of pics I think on the OA blog or my own (see my profile for links)

I'm going to dress as a policewoman this weekend to a girls only party. My height and gentle but authorative command suit it well.

If I don't end up snogging the face off one of my girlfriends by the end of the evening I'll be most surprised!

Always Nurses outfit for the better half of the couple (girl) to wear. If your adventurous he could be the maid ;)


dolly_1983 wrote:

Always Nurses outfit for the better half of the couple (girl) to wear. If your adventurous he could be the maid ;)


are you a bit biased on this one??? x