Need some help choosing!

Off on holiday next month and we are planning on making it a horny one. So we need to make some new purchases to make sure the fun never stops. She currently has the Rampant Rabbit thruster and I was thinking about getting her another but there are so many to choose from? any reccomendations?
Also, what other toys should we take? Other than a vibe or a dildo I lose imagination.
Oh yeah and whats the situation with taking them in your luggage through an airport?

Get yourself a sex toy bag, or even just an ordinary wash bag. Even if you get stopped, then they're unlikely to rummage through it.

She into anal? If so, I'm in love with my glass butt plug.

Or the fun that is a double dildo.
(That one is huuuuge though, so depends what you're into lol)

And you cannot go wrong with a bullet vibe, especially the mantric dinky pink.

Other than that, try some fun stuff, like chocolate body paint, or sex dice, just to lighten up the mood :)

As for toys, I'd keep them in your stowed luggage, not carry on. At least if they go through it that way, you won't have to face them. Haha. If you aren't normally in the habit of taking the batteries out, I would while they're in your luggage. A toy bag or even a pillowcase is a good idea.

I second the egg/bullet. I'm a bit fan of the BNaughty myself. This can be used on either one of you separately but can also be pressed between bodies during intercourse.

Maybe you could do some light bondage in the way of a blindfold and fun, fuzzy cuffs?

Yes or go for the i-buzz 2 - its got attachments for both you and her (however my man did jump about 20 ft in the air when I put the cock ring part on him!) and plugs into your ipod & pulses along to what ever you want to listen to! Otherwise its got 11 different speed settings, so enough to work through...
The good thing about holidays is you can get away with trying something different - and if it doesnt go down too well just blag it was only for a laugh!