New on here, plus weekend away


Me and my girlfriend are going on a weekend trip in a few weeks and I have come on here looking for something that will make it memorable :)

I was thinking of getting one of the vibrating cock rings as we havent used toys before and they seem to be easy and efficent.

Any advice or others couples weekends away stories appriciated


For my week long stay with the OH in a hotel we invested in a sex game- Monogamy board game;

I found it so refreshing! It's basically a mix of romantic gestures and some more adventerous sexual scenarios! I'd suggest buying the extras kit- or making your own by buying them separately Things like candles, blindfold, spanker etc. It also has a tab where it says to take a shot/drink so a bottle of wine will go nicely. All in all, very much recommended.

Also, this vibrating cockring is amazing- the vibrations are very strong and they are detachable making into a free to use bullet- It should come with a warning sign though! =)

If you're new to sex toys, in general, then I'd really suggest this little essential bundle for couples- So you won't have to invest in a more expensive vibrating cockring etc.

Hope that helps and enjoy!

Oh, forgot to mention, welcome to the Lovehoney community! =)

Feel free to ask for any questions, we're an open and friendly bunch and love to help.

Since you're completely new to sex toys, I'd really suggest building up to the more versatile fun with board games once you get a feel for sex toys in general. So the Lovehoney Sexier Life Starter Pack is really ideal initially.

Let us know what you decide. Here's a bunch of buyer guides to help choose too-

I used cock rings to introduce my partner to the world of toys & I think it's definitely a good choice - they're cheap and pretty unintimidating too (:

I always wear cocks rings when having fun, one around my balls and one around my penis & balls, they keep you going for longer and intense orgasm..

Toys for going away? Hmm, Id get a nice Big Dildo, Anal dildo, 3 set cock rings and a Golden Root tablet, you WILL have a good weekend away!!