Next size jump for butt plug.

I have become very comfortable using my Amethyst plug It's diameter is 1.5", I would like to move up in size and have found one that is 2". It is not tapered though and wonder whether this might be a step too far. Any suggestions or advice would be most welcome. Thanks. BTW, the 2" plug is not on LH.

I've always read that the appropriate jump in size is 0.2 to 0.3" in diameter. Larger than that, especially without a taper is going to be tough - painful or maybe impossible to get in. At the jump you're suggesting you're expecting the skin to stretch an extra 1.5" in circumference. If it was me, I'd try and get an in between size.

Have you thought about using a vibrating one?

This one is not as big but the powerful vibrations it gives more than makes up for the size I really enjoy using it.

There is a bit of a gap in that mid 5 or even low 6 inch circumfrenece mark for butt plugs, especially if you want glass or steel. I think the Njoy one is about 5.75 diameter but its not cheap (and I don't like the look of the handle)

I have the LH medium silicone which is about 5.2inch in circumfrence, I find this plenty filling enough for medium term wear (30-90 mins) but it is quite long and can get a bit pokey on the insides sometimes. Could be a minor step up from your amythest one if you are happy with silicone.

I have the nexus ace medium vibrating plug, this is +/- 5 inch in circumfrenece and a bit shorter than the LH one so doesn't get pokey, but I find the ridges get annoying after a while (30+ minutes).

But a 2 inch diamater without taper, that is likely to be quite a mission unless you are well limbered up beforehand

Many thanks for the replies. You are right Senator, there does seem to be a gap in the in-between sizes. Yes, I think I will pass on the 2' and fing something else first. I like glass as it gets very slippery with lube, but not too long in length.

Hi there, have you considered an inflatable plug. This one inflates from a 4.4 circumference to a 8.5 inch circumference. It is also tapered which I think makes plugs so much more comfortable to insert, and you can be in control of the size and build up when you are ready: