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Please don’t judge me, I know you won’t.
So after the burlesque night we went too, and my moans about it not be risky enough compared to Amsterdam, my husband found a night out at a gentleman’s club. This is likely to happen in 2 weeks as the children are away at the grandparents and we can’t really do these sort of date nights if the children are around due to travelling or whatever.
Now I feel slightly terrified about the prospect of going to a strip club, I know my husband will not run away with them and never would, but I guess I’m terrified of seeing some hot woman dance with him.
On the other hand, I’m quite excited about going to strip club and could probably learn tonnes from just watching them
Also I have literally no idea what to wear, and also if women can go to gentleman’s clubs.
Me and hubbie are obviously communicating about this and he knows exactly how I feel. He even says if we get there and it’s too much for me, we can just leave.
Am a crazy for feeling excited and terrified in the same volume, I can’t discuss this with my friends as they think I’m shy and innocent.

We went to one on a drunken weekend once with friends it was so much fun we paid for our mrs to have a lap dance at the same time and the dancers where more than happy
my mrs had never been to one before and she found it fun and hilarious as well we stayed for about an hour had some drinks and left

Have never been to a strip club in this country but have been dragged to a number in North and Central America on business.

I always found them quite amusing, people watching (and not the dancers).

Just have a few drinks before hand and have a laugh.

As for what to wear, depends if you are planning to have a lap dance.

What would I wear if I did?

Just normal night out clothes nothing to short as they might dance between your legs unless you want to give your oh something to look at to :joy:

Sounds like he’s being very comforting for you and understanding to your worries which is lovely to hear.
Yes I think you should be able to go to a gentleman’s club with no issues as it’s open to everyone from what I gather and in a funny sense if you get too worried about one of the girls dancing for your husband then budge her out the way and dance for him instead lol :sweat_smile:

No advise but I wish you a lot of fun on the evening. Go with excitment and sone nervousness but totally enjoy

We’ve been to a strip club a couple of times on nights out, just dress as if you were going to a normal bar. They have girls pole dancing for everyone to watch whilst having a drink or you can pay to have a private dance. They very rarely fully undress and just grind on you, you can have a dance together which we have always done. One time the girl got my boob out and sucked my nipple quickly which was hot haha I’m sure you’ll have fun. Enjoy

I usually just wear trousers and a top, but when we went to burlesque night I wore a dress.
You sound very reassuring. Im not sure what I would do if she whipped my boob out and sucked on it, could be quite fun. We are actually going when it correlates with “tiger week” so super horney
I guess the one thing that stresses me is it called a gentlemens club. I have messaged to ask if women can go and they haven’t answered.

@BL140505 that will be fine, it’s just a normal bar apart from you have girls walking about in underwear haha they do come round and pester you asking if you want a dance when you first go in. If she does anything you don’t want her just say stop she won’t be offended. Women are 100% allowed in. Well where we live they are.

Sorry but what is tiger week?

Phone the club instead of waiting for a message. I think it sounds fun.

The dancers are not likely to be doing anything without getting paid for it, they might briefly to see if they can tempt you mind.

You could just tell your husband that if anyone is getting a dance it’ll be you and he can have a private dance when you get home and then show him your moves. I can pretty much guarantee that him watching you get a dance would be better than if he got one himself.

Wear your dress that you wore the last time if you felt comfy in it, relax and have fun :wink:

Ovulation week

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Oh never heard that before :joy:

I don’t think anyone else calls it that. Just me. Ha ha

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That sounds hot af. You naughty girl

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From a male perspective something loose so there is room for growth and from a female perspective I would assume a dress that is not too short that might ride up but perhaps that would add to the fun.

I was always wearing a suit as it was after work.

Just have a bit of fun and relax.

Csnt go wrong with a LBD and nice shoes

Thanks everyone. It’s really helpful. I just worry a lot about stuff.