Night out without the kids

Hey all, first time posting. Going out tonight with the wife. Baseball game, dinner, nice hotel. She is pretty conservative. The only lingerie I can get her to wear is a babydoll. I don’t know if I can say this on here so I will call it a boob bang. I want to try it. I have been asking if we can try it even for 30 seconds with lube. Any suggestions? Thanks!


I’m hoping I’ve understood you right in that you’re wanting to try masterbating using her boobs? This is something that is often part of our playtime. We tend to do it with me at on the edge of the bed and him standing between my legs. That’s comfortable for both of us and we can make eye contact.

He will then place my hands on my boobs with his hand over the top to make sure we get the feel right for him, and then he’ll remove his hands once we get going. We tend to make sure the tip of his penis is covered so when he orgasms everything is caught by the boobs (I have rather large boobs so this is not difficult for me!).

I have to admit we’ve not used lube but that might enhance it for hubby so may suggest that next time :blush:.


Yes that is what I was thinking of! She has 36d’s and I really want to give it a try. It’s just a matter of persuading her to giving it a try. She thinks it will hurt her and her “girls”.


The only thing you can do is talk to her. Reassure her by telling her how you will do it so it won’t hurt her, that you’ll stop immediately if she isn’t enjoying it and just generally talk through any concerns she has.

But if she’s not up for it, then you have your answer


That should definitely not cause any pain unless you are extremely rough with her boobs.

During foreplay, get into position, cup her boobs together and give it a try - just make sure you start slow and gently to ease her worries. If she doesn’t like it, she can stop you at any point.

My boobs are 36E but because they are enhanced - I don’t have enough fleshy skin around them to make it work well because they don’t engulf his cock enough. Hubby often gives it a go though, I do let him but I don’t feel that it’s very successful :thinking:


Enjoy your freedom :kissing_heart: @Dabears

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She should lube up to prevent friction burns. A flavoured lube is preferable if she is going to give you oral during or before. Varying the pressure she applies can prolong or bring you to orgasm quicker. Ask her to talk dirty to you. ie she could encourage you to shoot it towards her face or give her a pearl necklace.

I hope that you have a great time. A titty f**k is something I do for my husband occasionally and he loves it.


I was trying to think what it was called - I think it’s commonly known as a tit wank.


Create the loving horny atmosphere and go with the flow! The more happy and relaxed your wife is the better chances she’s be up to trying new things to please you too :slightly_smiling_face:

@Dabears Hope you both enjoy your night out. Freedom! I think open honest communication is the key to trying new things. We have done this in the past and didn’t use lube. I don’t think it will hurt her, but I’m sure a little lube would only enhance the experience.

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@Dabears Communication and trust are key. You said she is pretty conservative, but maybe she has things she wants to try and has just not felt comfortable talking about them? She might not, but if you let her know that you would be open to trying new/different things it could get the ball rolling for future date nights. She may have a more open mind if you are game to try something she wants first.

Also, people change. I use to really not enjoy having my testicles fondled/sucked/etc, but just the other day I decided I wanted to try it again and asked my OH to do that while going down and I enjoyed it this time around.

Enjoy the night :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! Keep the ideas coming if you have them!

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We call it a boob job :ok_hand:

He likes when I stick my tongue out so he can hit it when he’s thrusting :tongue:

@Dabears Have a nice night out :revolving_hearts:

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I usually start by missionary style with me on my knees. I thrust inside her for awhile and use my thumb to rub her clit. I then pull out and masturbate myself while rubbing her clit and ass up and down her entire slit.

I will work her for awhile until she is super wet and really can’t wait to cum. I then deny her that and pull out, moving up to her chest. My intent is to get some oral sex from her while I reach behind and keep her warm.

The angle of her neck is usually awkward so she tends to lay back and enjoy the fingering and clit rubbing. I will then grab the bottle of lube and trickle it on her tits making it super wet… pulling nipples and squeezing them. I probably don’t even ask and I just grab her tits and start thrusting my dick in between them me straddling her chest and her watching my dick basically poke her in the face… she then usually takes over and squeezes while I thrust away. I will then move closer to her mouth and let her blow me for a bit and then go back to it.

I think there is some fluid motion involved while one thing leads to another. I think maybe outright asking her to blow your load on her tits when nothing is happening may be intimidating. If she is warm and has bought in, your chances of success are higher.

I have never had anal with my wife. If I ask her to stick it in over a ball game I likely will be sleeping on the couch. If i do what I said above she was so warm, ready and relaxed that I think I could have done it but still never went for the penetration. I could tell she was warm enough to take me in her ass and all I did was tried to show her that we were both ready.

Short story is, don’t try to crank a home run off the bat. Wait for the 7th inning stretch when the bases are loaded and she is begging you to make her cum. Be creative and make her want you.

You’ll be fine. Just have fun!