Older women

Well I'm back on the market (bf awol and not responding to messages to left him be, dated 4 weeks)

gotta love pof, I get three types of guy looking at my profile and message with me.

the daddies, who chat nicely, aren't scared of the fact I have kids, chat nicely flirt a lot, nice guys.

the bachelors, nice guys talk sex early on then run a mile when I mention kids or they don't want any commitment ie just fwb

then the young uns, really nice guys clearly not looking long term but happy to give you some of their time for the benefits of being with an older women before moving on. These guys have been as young as 13yrs my junior!

Im happy to date any of the above and no one younger than 27. But what I don't get is the draw for such young guys to be with older ladies, am I missing something here?

My oh is 6 years younger than me and I was his first 'proper' girlfriend :) Dont know what the draw is but I'm glad he found it !! We started dating when he was 17 and I was 23 and married 2 years later. We will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in June, so it obviously worked for him :) x

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I was my exs first proper girlfriend, and we married after 5 yrs and he last me last yr after 14 years together we were the same age though back then. Now I'm 34 and I'm getting guys in their 20's practically begging me for sex, it's a little overwhelming.

It's the same reason some women like older, distinguished men. Probably something to do with the "experience" that they're supposed to have as well.

Personally, I think a lot of older women wear there years really well (I'm 22) and can be quite stunning looking. Although, in the end, age doesn't really matter. If I like a woman, I would talk to them and get to know them.

But yeah. A lot of women like older men for the same reason a lot of men like older women.

I guess I just assumed the younger guys would fancy the fresh young women out there. I never imagined I'd be pursued like this.

I've always liked older women. My wife is in her 40s now and I'm 35. Hard to say exactly what it is about older women but I've always been drawn to them, guess everyone is different. Just embrace it and have fun.

Thanks everyone, I realise I fancy older actors etc but never really fancied a real life date as an older man. Each to their own. Only time will tell if something comes of this.

I would err on the side of caution. Younger men tend to want older women for their experience and to learn from it for a future relationship . Many will not want a long lasting relationship with an older woman . A few will of course .Especially if she is a successful carreer type woman .

Just tread carefully .

In my younger days i always fancied older women. I suppose its the authoritive figure us guys see in them, having them lead the way. The seducer and the seduce'ee. Having the more experience. In this day and age quite a few women, senior to me (57), still look attractive especially those with a few curves and dress well.

I'm 43 and I've been with much younger guys. They seem to like the experience, confidence and willingness to experiment.

Generally I don't think age makes a difference. My OH is 17 years older than me and on holiday has been mistaken for my father (slightly embarrassing). But if you are a good match for a person, regardless of age then you should be a good couple.

I understand that having kids can make it more difficult when looking for a partner but if your open and honest then the right guy (or girl) will come along. Ironically I found my OH while I was married, and he had given up on relationships. He expected to be a bachelor for the rest of his life having got to 42 without finding love or a seriouse relationship. We just clicked and have been together now for 11 years next month. I knew instantly that he Wa the one for me and left my husband before even kissing my OH.

Just be yourself and don't worrie about any possible age gap, when you find the right person it will be perfect.

I love older women, oh is older than me. I don't know why maybe it's their experience or their authority but its very sexy

I'm 59, my ex husband was 3yrs older than me & my late partner was 12yrs older. Now i have 2 fuck buddies, 1 is a yr younger & the other is 5yrs younger. The son of my old neighbors is also trying to be a fwb, he's mid 40s & married to an older woman, must admit that seems strange but maybe it's because he was my son's friend & I've known him since he was 3, but he tells me i was his MILF. My mum was 7yrs older than my dad & i never gave the age difference a second thought while i was growing up. Who knows why someone floats our boat, I certainly don't!!

The best sex I ever had was with a 47 year old when I was 23.

I like older men most woman do so I guess it's the same for guys. I was 17 and had a one night thing with a 39 year old (omg he knew what to do!). Things got awkward when I found out he was mates with my dad (oooops). Guess it's the experience thing :).

I'm only 21 but I find something very attractive about older women. Sometimes I think it's not just a physical attraction, but also a mental attraction. However, we cannot forget the 'experience' they have in the bedroom too haha

I was 18 when I was taken in hand by a 38 year old woman and the experience has held me in good stead for all these years. I have to say an attractive woman is an attractive woman, whatever their age.

Fresh, young women??? Hell, most of them have been fucked more than an 80 year old prostitute…
FRESH??? Sure??

@Littlestars whats pof

Older women have more life experience and usually more sexual experience.
They know what they want from a relationship and they have no problem telling or showing a partner what they need.
You can learn a lot from older women and men).

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