Oral sex..need a rant

Hey all you beautiful people

I'm sorry I need a rant and I just don't know what to do.
So I've been with my partner for over a year and he's gone down on me 3 times 2 times when we first got together but once the other day but I think it was to prove a point (that's a long story) well anyway he just keeps telling me he's gone off it but I'm so confused seeing as his ex who yes I get along with told me how he was obsessed with it and would just do it while she would try to watch tv and he was like it with his ex before. I always wash down there there's no smells and I always make sure I'm fresh I just don't get it :( it's really frustrating me cause where he did it the other night he's amazing at doing it and I just want more I just have the urge to be licked out and it's not like I'm used to it either my ex of 7 years never did it he was just weird he wouldn't even try it. I just duno what to do and for men reading this is it possible to go off it or could it be something. Wrong with me that he's not telling me.

Thank you from a one frustrated woman

P.s we still hardly ever have sex and we always used to my sex drive is so high but after a few problems it has gone down now due to my head being one fucked up mess