I have started seeing a new guy and so far we are having a great oral sex life!!

I asked him what turns him on the most during oral and he said he would like 'rimmng'. I have never gone that far down before (only to perineum) and at first i was a bit taken aback. But im open to exploration and wonder what is the best way to do this?

Should i use a flavoured lickable lube?

If you're really unsure I'd use a condom split apart to use as a dental dam. No direct tongue on bum to scare you off! Throw a little lube on the side touching him and you're almost good to go...

Except for the shower/bath before hand he must have.

Plenty of people also douche before hand but that might require more effort.

Errr.... Maybe you would like him to trim? I'd obviously also suggest some position were you are in control.

Hiya RHL and welcome to the forums. We generally dont like a new post to be opened up when there have been similar posts relating to the questions before. If you could do a quick check first and then post on the older one to open it up again it would be really appreciated. Thanks. Maybe this one might help http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/orgasm-army/anal-sex-toys/34267-ass-2-mouth/

ok great stuff - much appreciated

Malteser - that thread is about blow jobs following anal sex (ass-to-mouth) not rimming.

headsouth wrote:

Just be clean and there's nothing really else to say about it. It might seem a little extreme, but when you think about it, it's just skin. I adore doing it to my wife, but she's still not totally comfortable with it. I still generally get away with doing it anyway though, she's nice like that!

I agree with HS, i think as long as it's clean you will be fine.

And as long as you emphasise to him that if you find he's skimped on the cleaning, it won't be repeated, I'm sure he'll put the effort in.

Yep as the others say...cleanliness is a must first and foremost........but if you are a bit apprehensive about...well...licking in that area for the first time......flavoured lube is great for that purpose!!!

Just out of curiosity, would you like him to return the favour?