Our first time with our first rabbit

This was the first sex toy we bought and we had a few glasses of wine first to get us in the mood. First U switched it on and rubbed it over my girlfriend's breasts which she said felt nice. Then I rubbed it against her nipples and watched then get hard then gradually slid it down her tummy and slid it between her legs.
At first I teased her with it and held it against her clit for only a second or two thne held it aginst there longer. Then I slid the first inch or two inside her and then pulled it out and kept teasing her.
Eventually I slid it in all the wayand began to slide it in and out of her and she was so hot and wet and said it felt so good. I thne watched as she tok over and used it on herself. I'd never seen her so brazen and uninhibited before and she had a massive orgasm, followed by another real quick afterwards.
After that we had the best sex ever and now it is a regular part of our love making.