Outdoor Experience

We did it in our garden near the end of lockdown. It was a lovely warm moonless night and we took a blanket to lie on. One of the neighbours must have heard our orgasm cries as he looked out of the window then commented to his partner that the foxes are frisky tonight. We never found out if he could see us on the darkness but we waited a long time before going back into the house :joy::joy:

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I’ve had a fair few experiences in both quiet woods and fields! I love the feeling of risk and adventure, it’s not quite comparable to anything else. I’d love to try a few other places though, it always spices things up! :evergreen_tree: :national_park:

Few experiences both in and out of cars, I woods and parks.

Riskiest was probably the local wood when we could hear others just walking past the other side of the bush we were behind.

Or when the local rambling troop when past in the near distance when the OH was bent over holding onto a tree and I was merrily taking her from behind. We just smiled and waved, not too sure what they could see.

Outdoors is the change of environment, the sun on your skin and the risk of being caught.:christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

Hmm outdoors, we have played with each other whilst I was driving, but it’s hard to get full on due to the concentration factor of driving…

1st real time outside was in some woods off a disused railway track against a tree, she wore some crotchless knickers and a dress for easy / quick access / hide.

2nd time was much more relaxed and planned, a night on the beach, blankets, wind breaker, fire, drinks and music. The beach we chose was one away from anywhere, light a fire and the sun slowly disappeared, by 8pm it was dark and no one on the beach. Lots of slow dancing / foreplay / loving. I even took love honey’s Rechargeable small metallic wand to tease each other with.

I have to say this was our best night of passion so far, due to the setting- it has a place in our hearts, long foreplay, passion and toy. Driffed off to sleep but had to pack up at 3am when we woke due to a heavy dew.


Our first experience was on a night out for my birthday, we were walking home and walked past a park so we took a detour, lifted up my dress moved my thong to the side, pulled me onto him hard and deep.

We were coming back from his sister’s and the kids stayed over hers for the night, in the car we were talking really dirty to each other, he drove somewhere secluded, I layed my seat back, I got on my knees and he went deep.

We were at his sister’s for a BBQ, everyone went to bed, I said to him fancy doing me on the trampoline, it was amazing and that extra bounce just made it even more exciting.

For our wedding anniversary we went away for the weekend down at the coast, our hotel was right on the seafront, that night we took walk along the seafront and he said to me fancy doing it on the beach, we found a secluded spot and just had the most amazing mind blowing sex.

Another BBQ at his sister’s and they had a hot tub, so we waited patiently :rofl: and jumped straight in, I sat on him facing him and put him inside me and and rode him until we both cummed.