Ovulation and smell for men?

As any other woman, when i ovulate I get an excess of wetness and it is a lot. I can also smell it because it is strong. I feel aware of it because I worry about my husband having to go down when I smell so strong. I always wash my smell away before we do anything but it won't go when im ovulating and im worried that he wont enjoy my smell if im not washed. He hasnt ever said he doesnt, this is my issue. The question is, should I wash extra hard to remove the smell or do men enjoy it?

The vulva is self cleaning and self regulating. Yes, the amount of wetness you experience and the smell can change throughout your cycle, but washing yourself too much will cause you more problems than it will solve. You will throw your ph balance out and could end up with an infection (think thrush or BV or similar). By all means wipe away any excess and if it making you that uncomfortable use panty liners or change your underwear when you get home but don’t over wash the area

Also, if your husband hasn’t said anything, it can’t be bothering him that much. If it is playing on your mind, ask him.

+1 for the above. As he hasn't said anything, I suspect it either doesn't bother him or he hasn't noticed.

Personally speaking, my wife's smell is never a turn-off for me. Usually quite the opposite. Ovulation smells have never bothered me.

I guess scent/smell is part psychological & pheremones play a role too, so your partner is really unlikely to experience scents in the same way you do, and may be turned on or off by completely different smells to you. I believe some smells mostly work on a subliminal level so he may not even conciously smell what you are concerned by.

Kelly_michelle's point about your husband not saying anything holds true. I would add that he may actually be enjoying your scent, and forgetting to say so (or maybe embarrased to). Either way, if he's enjoying himself why hold back?

I also totally agree with kelly-michelle on the washing thing too. The vagina is self cleaning and has a very low pH compared to the rest of the body, as a defence mechanism, so disturbing the balance by washing is not a good idea.

Strong pee smells (if my wife is particularly dehydrated) are not really appealing to me personally, but the taste is kept out well by the vagina's natural defences, so basic external hygeine is all you need I'd say. Washing externally with plain old warm water is plenty good enough for us.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for the replies. I asked him last night and he said he loves the way I smell, all over my body! I just have a really sensitive nose so thats why i can pick up on my own scent as well as a lot of other stuff. I guess I am more intune with scent. I remember when I was pregnant, I could smell a lot and it hasnt left. I did think it must be a normal primal instinct thing for humans to pick up on scent. I guess it is on par with men saying women taste different before their period because they no that they are not fertile and the hormones/pheromones change!