Good morning, is there anything in the pipeline on regards to the packaging of certain items? Many a time I have ordered small items that would generally fit through the letterbox (suspenders for example) had these been packaged in packet. Instead they arrive in a huge box resulting us in having to get them from the post office. Again this is an ongoing issue as they keep ignoring the safe place request and sending emails the same day saying it is ready to collect and when we arrive it's not even there resulting in a wasted journey and another journey a day or 2 later. Thank you!

To a certain point, we agree with @lovelylumps in that how certain small items are packed is a bit baffling ? Sometimes they'll be packed in the grey plastic mailing bags (neatly sized to go through letterbox) & then another time in a "massive" or oversized box (too big for letterbox) ?? Think this is down to the packer who maybe one who doesn't care or is maybe too lazy to pick the correct packaging......and has an " anyhow will do attitude" ?

As regards delivery, then that is simply down to the Post Office !! We have two regular chaps who, once asked, leave our packages in a designated safe place for us. But, where addresses don't have a regular Postie, problems can occur ! We know of areas where the Postie is changed on a daily basis & our friends (there) never know who is coming or when the mail will be delivered. So any Safe Place Request goes straight out of the window !! Then it depends if the package is taken to your local Post Office, the same day, so you can collect AND not left until next day in the van !!

Maybe Lovehoney management could have a check to see if their packers are using the most economical/sensible packaging for the item(s) being dispatched...with due consideration to the volume of orders requiring dispatch. Also, the need maybe to have a meetiing with the Post Office, expressing concern over Safe Place Requests being ignored & subsequent non-delivery/return for collection at local Post Office ?

I have had a discussion with royal mail and they said they aren't allowed to leave parcels in safe places any more but they still do at my parents address so I'm unsure why all of a sudden it has stopped! In regardd to the email the same day to say it is now ready to collect, I know it's no fault of LH but putting them in boxes is a little frustrating sometimes lol