Is it just me or has Love Honey made a conscious decision recently to display the packaging of its products as well? I just wanted to say that I think this is really great and helpful. It's almost like being in a shop and seeing it, and hopefully will encourage manufacturers to make nicer packaging- cringeworthy 'hunky' men can be a real turn off suprisingly!

I think it's much better when you can see the packaging of an item aswell. Makes it easier to tell what size it is/quality etc. Also you can get some more little snippets of info about the product from the box sometimes.

Gawd, some of the packaging for some items is awful! Some of the people on them scare me! They make the toys seem a bit...rubbish as it were, just because the piccys don't seem high quality and look fake. (Eg women trying to look sexy and just not succeeding!)

I hope manufacturers do try to improve their packaging to make items more appealing at first sight!! Because they all turn out to be better than the way the packaging advertises them!

Yeah, I have a great dildo, but the 'stallion' on the packet made me CRINGE! Like in a shop I wouldn't have bought it because of that, so I suppose Love Honey need to choose carefully what packaging they want to display lol. But it really is helpful isn't it?

Hi there i sell Pretini Designer Lingerie on my website and these come in lovely gift boxes

why not have a look?

thanks Nortyknicks

I love seeing the packaging, as Night_KD said it helps give an idea of the quality.
My favourite ever packaging still has to be the stuff my Berman Centre Venus came in. So pretty and well-designed. Thing is, though, I think I prefer the packaging to the actual toy!

Well all kids love the box over the toy huh? ;)

I think the product is more important that packaging BUT the packaging is your first impression and also if you want the thing as a gift you don't want it in something skanky looking.

I really don't know why they put naked cheap looking bimbo's trying to look seductive on sex toys meant to be bought by women? Makes no sense at all to me.

The rock chick's packaging is perfect to me, sweet and stylish yet functional. Made it feel like a real gift :-)

Oh, gawd, Kitty, that is one of my biggest pet peeves. I loathe getting a new vibrator and seeing some half naked woman fake orgasming on the package. It really rubs me the wrong way...I think because it seems to imply that men are doing all the toy buying and need something nice to look at while the little lady gets her vibrator.

I like a classy, professional package. Let me see the product, get some more information about it, but don't try to sex it up with pictures of models. I think there is a real hint about the quality of the toy's build in how they try to sell it with the package. Classy packages seems to always mean sturdier, better made toys.

Yup I definitely agree mcbirdie, the packaging says a lot about the toy itself.

We're agreeing all over the place...and we're starting to really tout for Fun Factory. We should get paid. :)

Lol yeah, reckon reps would get free FF toys? ;)

I am so ready to give up my day job, with that many toys coming my way. :)

Um, wasn't so sure about those gay guys on the front of my Manline Door-jam Restraints that turned up yesterday! :0

A couple of gay guys would be a refreshing change from some of the horribly bleached bimbos I've had encasing a few of my toys. I swear, those girls look like they have more silicone in them than my 'cupboard of depravity' does. It's icky.

lol too right... they look totally unrealistic :S even the hair is false! I do like to see packet first... not that it would stop me trying a toy ...but the point that maybe they will change em is a good point :P we can all live in hope huh?

Laynie just read your review of the extra thick vibrating 9" c o ck vibe.....oooooo, sounds B I G !! But who is the experienced veteran toy user to whom you refer ?? It sounds "interesting" nonetheless ....

lol... is that the review where I put you know who you are?
seeing taht you picked up on it first lesley I must have ment you :P tehehehe!!
ITS HUGE BTW that toy is fun... I couldt get orgasm when I first used it.... but you know me I kept at it like a monkey with a nut!!

Thats the one babes, your getting a very cheeky girl these days need that botty of yours smacking !!! Is it worth trying then ???

yup its worth it...I love the toy now and its becomming a fave for me and hubbty, he just loves to see me take something so big :S dont get it my self cos he isnt small but this is very thick its a bit like seeing a reversed birth :S lmao, once you get used to the thickness its great... I do advise loads of lube though man oh man loads of LUBE! I know Im cheecky I need a good spanking !! ^_^ are ya willing :P

HUBBY not hubbty :S ** stupid broken finger thing :S