Random everyday turn-ons

What random things/situations in everyday life turn people on? I have a couple

1. I live in London and quite often see girls cycling in high heels or high heeled boots (having a bit of a thing for heels and boots I find this a huge turn on)

2. Same thing really but women in very formal clothing but giving a hint of sexuality with a killer pair of heels. Something erotic about the conflicting message.

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Another vote for London feet here, I was over a few weeks ago and discovered a newfound appreciation for feet in open type shoes like sandals. Can't say I paid much attention to strangers feet before and people just don't wear shoes like that around here but hey, you learn something new everyday right? :D


I normally find if someone is wearing something I am passionate about (such as a band shirt for example) I am like yesssss and will find them much more attractive. That being said, I wouldn't say it sexually turns me on, but im definitely more attracted to them in general :)

A man in tight jeans.... particularly if he has a tight little bum. Also love a man with his shirt sleeves rolled up exposing sexy forearms xx


A clean cut gent in full 3 piece well fitting suit will always do it for me. Bonus points if he's wearing a certain scent (that I've never been able to identify but have been known to sniff that bit deeper when I smell it on the air!).

In fact the scent alone will make my stomach do a flip!!

I have a huge thing for smells so if a lady is wearing a particular sweet scent I can be really drawn to her. Also ponytails are a huge plus for me.

For me is got to be a lovely girl in glasses.

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Men in well-fitting suits and men that wear nice cologne = yas!

Scent, manners, shoes!

When you can see a VPL, even better when its a thong!

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Ladies in jeans and heels - love seeing their upper legs push forward on the jeans.

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I'm a shoe person so if a guy has a good pair of shoes its a big plus.

Smell and teeth

Girls with tattoos where the majority is hidden by clothing.

Another for smells here. I ended walking passed my car after getting lost in a guys jean paul gaultier fragrance.

Haha I wear jean paul gaultier ultra male :P

For me....

Blushing, and generally acting shy is a MASSIVE turn on.
Dimples 😳
Feet - not in a thoughts of toe sucking way, but if a girl slips her trainers off to adjust tights-socks, or legs/feet in black tights when round your house and takes her shoes off! Ooooftt!
Scent - some perfumes drive me wild
Curve of the neck - mind immediately wanders and I think about kissing her neck
When you catch someone looking at you, and they keep looking for that extra second that's too long, and quickly look away 😍

Watching my OH naked is great but believe me that seeing her in just her panties which hug her buttocks so tightly is the biggest turn-on I have ever seen. Lovely.

Men in suits! also i watched ballet for the first time recently and i loved watching the male dancerslergs and theor muscles when they moved.


Knee high boots


A sneaky bit of skin

fishnet tights

beautiful eyes

sexy tattoos