Random everyday turn-ons

Hubby coming home from work all sweaty :woozy_face: and all I can smell his smell :drooling_face:

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My imagination…

Literally every time i go fishing over night im sat there thinking about what my wife could be up to at home once kids are in bed. Drives me crazy :joy::joy:

I really like a visible panty line on a shapely female bottom.

I’ve always found this a massive turn on.


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Girls in hotpants or even gym shorts :heart_eyes:

Everyday turn ons for me are certain TV scenes which will ignite my mind, music (this is a huge catalyst for being in the mood) and sometimes atmosphere, like a general exciting atmosphere or a party atmosphere.


The touch, smell, how it clings to a person…

I only have to look at a pair of household rubber washing up gloves and I’m turning to jelly….

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For me it’s got to be just seeing a good firm fleshed arse with tight fitting jeans or skirt hugging it :heart_eyes: and certainly a bonus if it’s a skirt and legs are nylon clad! Yeah baby :grinning:


For me, it has to be a lady in a tight fitting pencil skirt, the business look or wetlook leggings!!


Taking lingerie photos and posting them on LH.


I look forward to seeing them!! :blush:

Actually lately just watching my hubby get ready in the morning especially after a little stress relief the night before :yum: i love watching his shapely form now that he’s put on a little weight there’s more to hold onto :blush:

Also strangely enough I’ve also found urinating to be delightful occasionally especially after I’ve started regularly doing kegel exercises :grin:

Glasses case, my ex at uni used to keep her small vibe in a glasses case - can’t look at them the same

My wife getting dressed or undressed. When she walks around in panties it drives me wild :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
When she sings, or dances.
When she smiles :heart:

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A slender neck

The way calves elongate in high heels


Filthy talk in the bedroom