Rant Thread - Get it all out here

Sending big hugs @Queerantine :hugs:


Easy for me to say, but hang in there, @Queerantine. Look after No.1 and keep your sights on the horizon. Never stop believing there are better days to come… :heart: :hugs:


Sorry to hear you’re struggling @Queerantine, wish there was something I could say or do but just know we’re here for you :heart:


So sorry to hear that @Queerantine Just hang in there I know it’s easier said than done, but keep looking forward, hold your head up high. Sending hugs :hugs::heart:


Hang in there @Queerantine xx


Thank you everyone for all the well wishes. It’s very lovely of you all. I’m doing my best to pull through. It’s all very stressful and I’m trying to take it one day at a time right now, but hopefully things will work out eventually.


@Queerantine good luck and so sorry for your situation I hope it gets better for you good luck stay strong :muscle:

Sorry to hear that things are so horrible for you right now @Queerantine. Hope everything works out for you :hugs:

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@Queerantine sorry to hear you have such an awful family, i wish you luck in escaping them.

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Sorry to hear you’re having such a rough time @Queerantine big cwtches and you can always rant here for support :heart:

Dear @Queerantine - I hope things get better for you soon. Keep your self-care strategies going in the meantime, do whatever works for you.

More frustrated than sad. When someone in your family has everything they could want, a sweet partner, a child, own home and a stable and good paying job to throw it all away to get mixed up in a bad crowd and drinking himself to death, turning on his partner and ending up arrested :triumph:

Sorry to hear that @FireCracker89 :frowning:

So sorry to hear that @FireCracker89

Not the best way to behave @FireCracker89 sorry to here your frustrating news

Thinking of you @Queerantine - how are you?

I was admitted to hospital the day after my last post here. Had to have urgent surgery, and only just left hospital yesterday. They have said I have crohns desease, which long term can be managed, but for now, I feel absolutely rotten. I’m very slowly recovering from the surgery, butteh doctors are happy with everything.


Sending lots of healing vibes your way @Queerantine :two_hearts:

Oh darling…! :astonished: What a terrible shock that must have been, and what a lot to have to get your head around. Please accept the biggest of big hugs…

:hugs: :heart:

Best wishes and get well soon :hugs: