Hi, Just looked into the recycling of used toys and electrical items. Does anyone know if you have to pay to send them in to the address provided. And also, would they accept all electrical items, such as food blenders or hairdryer etc. Thanks x

Lovers hi welcome and enjoy the forums. I have no idea about the recycling of the food mixers and hairdryer(sorry). But the tears are rolling down my cheeks thinking how you were using them for sex. As this is a kinky sex forum. Sorry

You do have to pay, after all lh are donating money and giving you oh points!

i recently sent a load and used myhermes as they are nice and cheap for a large bulky box

Thanks for all your replies and comments. We won't get into how we were using the blender for sexual pleasure or we'd be here all day![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

amandammmm wrote:

GG, it says on the recycling page, they accept anything! even toasters, so I'm guessing they would accept a food blender too?

Lovers41, the best thing you can do, is contact the customer service dept, they can tell you and advise you better. But, you do have to pay to post, I sent a rabbit and two vibes to them and it was around £3 for Royal Mail second class.

Hope this helps x

Hi Amanda I know that but at 03:30 this morning after reading some of the erotic threads and other sexy threads opened this thread and started to laugh, not at them ,at my mind and lover41 has got it. Thanks for your concern.